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MUST SEE: Biden Appears to FORGET The Name of His DEFENSE Secretary

by Graham Allen Team

In a recent video, Biden appears to forget the name of one of his most important cabinet members.

During his announcement, the President, who is appears to slip mentally, forgot the name of his Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin AND the name of the Pentagon.

This comes after much continuous concern about Biden’s health.

The President has yet to hold a formal Press Conference where the reports ask the questions.

“I want to thank the former general. I keep calling him general, but my… the guy who runs that outfit over there,” Biden said stumbling on his own words.

The Biden’s mental state situation is getting so bad that many members in the media are getting concerned.

Even Steve Bannon told viewers this week to start preparation for a Kamala Harris presidency.

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Watch the Bannon’s comment below:

Whether or not you believe Biden’s health is failing, the video is quite alarming.

It is never great to forget any of the names of a cabinet member, but forgetting the one that holds war capabilities is just extra bad.

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We’ll let you decide about what happened.

Watch the video below and let your voice be heard in our comment section below.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:


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