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Obama and Kamala’s thoughts on Suess BEFORE cancel-culture are SHOCKING…

by Graham Allen Team

Four years ago, Kamala tweeted something that did NOT age well.

She’s not the only one too, both President Obama and his First Lady made comments that would not fit into Biden’s “woke agenda.”

Here’s why:

Recently, the famous author Dr Suess has come under harsh fire for some of the images in his book.

Some have even gone far enough to “cancel” Suess for the choices that he made throughout his life.

Read the full story HERE.

As criticism towards the late Dr. Suess grows, moves to “cancel” the author in politics has grown too.

Six of Dr. Suess’ books were pulled from sales for being racist or insensitive.

During a reading event, the U.S. President also took a stance on this matter.

On Tuesday, President Biden did not mention the famous author Dr. Suess during “Read Across America Day.”

While Biden attempts to be more “woke” than others, it’s interesting to look at the comments in the past before cancel culture’s reign in our society.

Both President Obama AND Vice President Kamala Harris had positive things to say about Suess in the past.

Their opinions show a distinct contradiction between Biden’s opinions then and his now.

Biden’s swift move to appease one part of society shows how much he cares about the approval of the alt-left, the cancel culture and those who describe themselves to be “woke.”

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Here’s what Vice President Kamala Harris said just four short years ago:

If Kamala was truly wounded by Suess’s “offensive imagery” she probably wouldn’t be sharing that comment.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Kamala’s Tweet:

Good thing Kamala is in good company.

The Vice President AND former President Barack Obama repeatedly praised Dr Suess despite claims that Suess was “racist.”

“On Read Across America Day, we partner with the National Education Association and mark the birthday of Theodor Geisel, whose beloved Dr. Seuss books still inspire children throughout the world to read,” President Obama said in 2009.

Most of what you need to learn you can actually just, read Dr. Seuss,” Obama said even more recently in 2018.

But wait, there’s more…

The left’s queen bee, Michelle Obama, also complimented Dr. Suess and regularly read his works in the White House.

Here’s a picture of it below:

Ask yourself, is this a move to reconfigure children’s education or is it truly about racism and insensitivity?

One can assume that if it were truly about racism, our first African American President and Vice President wouldn’t have so much positive things to say about Suess.

What do you think?

Let us know if you think Suess’s work are racist or not in the comment section below.


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