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Shooting Sparks 2nd Amendment WAR- Biden Calls for MASSIVE Ban…

by Graham Allen Team
UPDATE: President Biden’s response located at the bottom of the page.

A note from the Editor: As a news site we refuse to elevate the shooters’ platform and will not publish pictures or the name of the shooter. Shooters who are involved in mass-killings only want to engrave their name into the history books, it is the least we can do as reporters to NOT report the identity of the coward and therefore not give the attention that they gruesomely strive for.

After a shooting that occurred on Monday of this week, a war against gun’s rights ensued…

The shooting happened in Boulder, Colorado at a King Soopers grocery store and was described as a ‘chaotic scene’ which left 10 dead.

Without saying a word, the shooter began to open fire with some sort of rifle. “He wasn’t spraying,” a witness told local news. “He just came in and started shooting,” the witness said.

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One of the ten people that were killed at the scene of the crime was a police officer fighting back with the shooter. The shooter has been apprehended and is in custody of authorities.

This will be the second shooting in a short amount of time which has begun the debate on gun reform yet again.

On Tuesday morning AR-15, #Gunreformnow, 2nd Amendment, the NRA and more were all trending at the top of Twitter pages.

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The gun used by the shooter is rumored to be an AR-15 and it is already receiving much pushback since the shooting happened.

Republican Congresswomen and 2nd Amendment activist Lauren Boebert of Colorado spoke out in support of the victims with the statement below:

However, some Democrats are less worried about the mourning of the massacre and instead are focused on bringing comprehensive change to guns in the United States.

Here’s how people are reacting to the senseless crime of the shooter:

Just recently, the NRA blocked a ban against the AR-15 firearm and some are saying that the ban would have prevent the shooting from ever happened. Here’s what they said in a statement:

Biden’s Administration has openly said that gun reform could be introduced in the weeks to come. It’s unclear what that could look like underneath Biden’s left-leaning policies but many think that gun reform could start with the banning of AR-15-like guns and other assault weapons.


In a recent speech given by Joe Biden, the President called on Congress to bring Gun Reform to his desk as soon as possible.

Biden asked congress to present a bipartisan solution that should BAN assault weapons and enact more extensive background checks on Americans seeking to purchase a firearm.

Watch Biden’s call on Congress below:

The shooter who is currently in custody is also rumored to have ties or sympathies towards the Islamic State. More to be unveiled about the shooters motive and if he legally had the right to access fire arms.

Do you think America should ban the AR-15?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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