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STRIKE TWO: Biden’s Climate Czar Display’s Elitist Hypocrisy AGAIN For This…

by Graham Allen Team

If you don’t know who John Kerry is, you are probably doing something right. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to give you some information about Kerry that will NOT make you so happy…

John Kerry is a CAREER politician who apparently has left the common-man world for the ivory towers of the elites.

Kerry was appointed to the Biden Administration as the President’s personal ‘climate czar.’ HOWEVER, things have yet to go well for the politician who just might make up the definition of the ‘SWAMP.’

Earlier this year, John Kerry came under fire and was almost canceled after it broke that his PRIVATE JET was doing WAY more damage to the environment than traveling like an everyday person.

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He LITERALLY flew on his private jet to Iceland so he could win an award based on his Climate Leadership….

His elitist response was that flying privately is “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

“SOMEBODY LIKE ME,” give me a break, this guy thinks he’s God’s gift to humanity. Believe me, he was Obama’s Secretary of State, he’s a gift to no one except for Palestine and other American enemies.

Kerry’s latest controversy stems from another “somebody like me” moment on a plane.

It looks like Kerry bent the knee to the woke culture because in a recent picture, he is seen on a public plane but he’s not doing the thing that liberals want the most.


That’s right, even though cancel culture got him on a public airplane, he still can’t figure out how to follow the rules that he and the Biden Administration attempt to shove down America’s throats.

Here’s the picture below:

Let me just say, PEOPLE ARE PISSED.

“I guess we can say it’s better that John Kerry finally decided to fly commercial as opposed to jetting around in Gulfstreams all around the world when he’s trying to supposedly solve the climate crisis,” Senator Tom Cotton said on Fox News.

The Senator went on to say “set a good example if they’re going to impose rules on the American people – they should try to follow those rules as well.”

The picture was gathered by Fox News by an anonymous passenger and claimed that Kerry boarded the plane prior to the rest of the normal passengers, he then proceeded to take his mask off once he sat down.

“Being an elite hypocrite is hard work!” the anonymous flyer said.

Cotton went on to say, “has a long record of imposing one set of rules on Americans and not following those rules as is evidenced by his jet setting around the world to try to save it from climate change when he’s burning more carbon than one person does in an entire year.”

Kerry has since spoken out after Twitter ERUPTED with fury over the politicians’ hypocritical actions.

Here’s what he said:

American Airlines has announced that they will be investigating this incident in a statement on Twitter.

Read what Twitter had to say about the hypocritical elitist:

What do you think about John Kerry’s SECOND STRIKE with cancel culture?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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