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SWAMP: This Ex-RINO is Fundraising for Trump’s Republican Adversary…

by Graham Allen Team

In the past few months, Donald Trump has learned two things: who his friends are and who his enemies are.

Recently, Trump and America found out that Representative Liz Cheney is not an ally to the pro-Trump conservative movement.

After voting to impeach Donald Trump and blatantly calling on him to be removed from politics, many have deemed Cheney to just another RINO on the Hill.

However, the next election cycle could end up making things quite interesting.

Cheney only beat her 2016 Republican challengers by a thirty nine percent to twenty one percent lead with eight other candidates in the race.

If Cheney’s Wyoming district rallied around another candidate, they could easily pass them through the primaries and defeat Liz Cheney.

With a definite Donald Trump endorsement to her rival, Cheney may be fighting an uphill battle come next election season.

BUT, Cheney is not going down without a fight.

The Congresswoman, who is the 3rd most powerful in the GOP House of Representatives, is calling upon an old ally to make sure she secures another win.

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Want to take a guess?

It’s someone who helped Donald Trump define the swamp.

It’s EX-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

The former Speaker will be meeting up with Cheney for a virtual fundraising event on March 25th.

To get into the Zoom-held event, participants must cough up $5,800 to sponsor or $2,900 to just attend.

To see the invitation look at the image below:

That’s a lot of money to see some RINOs.

Cheney’s decision to hold a fundraiser with the Speaker of the House may be a risky one.

Paul Ryan is not too popular among Trump Republicans, which may further Cheney’s disconnect with her own party.

Only time will tell as Cheney prepares to fight for most likely the most challenging race of her life.

Do you think Liz Cheney should stay in office?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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