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TOLERANCE?: ‘Woke’ Left Tries to Block ‘Back the Blue’ Event at Clemson University…

by Graham Allen Team

There’s a showdown at Clemson University, and no it’s not on the football field.

Clemson’s chapter of Turning Point USA is hosting conservative commentators Tomi Lahren, and Brandon Tatum next week, and leftist students are trying to stop her.

Two separate initiatives to remove the event and Lahren have gained substantial momentum throughout the past few days and things are heating up…

The first is a petition with nearly 4,000 signatures that says that Tomi Lahren does not represent the Clemson values of “Honesty, Integrity, and Respect”.

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The second is a statement in opposition to Tomi Lahren’s appearance by the Student Government’s Council on Diversity Affairs Action Committee.

Their statement which is similar to that of the petition’s, said “Clemson is a home for all, and we, as part of the Clemson family, squarely reject the rhetoric intended to divide us.”  They also called on the University to move the event or denounce it altogether.

These moves have brought a strong response from Lahren who in multiple videos and tweets posted to social media and in television interviews has said “Hell or high water couldn’t keep me away.” Read the tweet below:

In response to the statement by the Council on Diversity Affairs Action Committee, Lahren said You will not keep me from coming. But you can keep trying if you like! Or maybe get a job? Do something productive?”

Read the move to BAN Lahren from Clemson University and her response below:

In response, TPUSA Clemson issued their own statement which can be found below:

“The recent statement by the Council of Diversity Affairs breaches the pledge that they swore to uphold and we wholeheartedly disagree with their comments about our two guest speakers.  At the same time, we respect their comments about this event as we are an organization that is committed to hearing different perspectives.”

Notably, the second speaker referenced in Turning Point Clemson’s statement is former police officer Brandon Tatum, an advocate for the police.

Since the outrage began other notable Conservative names like the owner of this site, Graham Allen has also agreed to speak at the event in support of Free Speech and Law Enforcement officials.

Graham recently announced that he would be serving as a reserved law enforcement officer in his local Sheriff’s department which makes his appearance even more applicable to the speeches that will be given. Read more about that story by clicking HERE.

Other notable names at the event include Conservative Social Media Influencer, Amjed Yacu, known by the pseudonym and social media handle @Snowflake.tears. Here’s what he had to say in a Tweet below:

Amjed is an 18-year-old, first generation American who’s family immigrated to the United States to pursue the American Dream. As an ambassador for Turning Point USA, Amjed has fulfilled the American Dream by supporting the American First agenda.

Big Tech has tried to SILENCE his pro-American posts, here’s how he reacted to their censorship:

Despite the continuous effort to silence conservatives because of their platform, the ‘woke left’ has only furthered the popularity of the event.

To make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible, Turning Point Clemson has rented out the school’s basketball arena, Little John Coliseum. Since the outrage began, the following for the event has only grown LARGER. This new venue will allow for more people to attend the event safe from protests and potential riots…

If you are in the Clemson area, sign up for the speaking event with the link by clicking HERE.

Do you think ‘Back The Blue’ should be cancelled???

Let us know in the comment section below!

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