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Vaccine Ready Clothes is the Newest Fashion Trend…

by Graham Allen Team

A video has spread throughout Tik Tok and now made its way onto various other social media platforms that shows clothing that is ‘vaccine-ready.’

The viral video shows a girl surfing a website and eventually stumbling across an unusual filter.

The unusual clothing section says “vaccine ready” so that people can look FASHIONABLE while getting their COVID-19 vaccine…

Are you serious? Is getting the vaccine now a FASHION STATEMENT?

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The website is a women’s clothing store called Revolve and gives their audience fashion options that are accessible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The “Vaccine Ready” clothing choices are ALL tops, dresses, etc that show off your shoulders.

Take a look at what some of the apparel looks like below:

Now you can get your jab in STYLE!

The website says at the top of the product page, “shoulders out for the vaccine” which is apparently their marketing campaign for the vaccine roll out plans.

Instead of the usual summer-ready clothing sections, apparel lines have now moved into vaccine-oriented clothing to display who has class and got the jab and who did not.

The vaccine-ready clothing could cost a shopper all the way up to $300.

There’s no-telling what kind of person would be shopping for clothing made SPECIFICALLY for your vaccine shot, but then again you never know.

Will you be getting ‘vaccine ready’ clothing?

Let us know why or why not in the comment section below!

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