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WATCH: Biden called these anti-lockdown Governors THIS

by Graham Allen Team

After Texas and Mississippi Governors decided to open up their state, the United States President had some harsh words to say.

Both Governors agreed that the age of lockdowns was over, it was time to open back up.

Many Americans were crippled by the lockdowns and lost their jobs, businesses and even homes.

Here’s the Mississippi Governor, Tate Reeves statement on Twitter:

Here’s what Texas Governor, Greg Abbott had to say about opening their state:

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Apparently, Joe Biden doesn’t like this kind of action.

Both of these Governors have showed that they think it is inappropriate for the government to impose these kinds of restrictions.

The executive actions they took will not do-away with mask mandates or business regulations, but it will now give the power to the people to decide what their course of action is.

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Instead of the government imposing punishable restrictions that have choked out Americans in the past months, these states have left it up to the people.

Just like how it is supposed to be.

This isn’t the kind of thinking that Biden believes in.

Biden made it clear that self-thought, self-regulation and self-protection are not things that Americans are capable of.

Biden believes firmly that the government must order people what to do, instead of them thinking about what is best for themselves.

The new President obviously believes so strongly in this thought that he compared the pro-freedom move to something of cavemen.

If opening up America is “Neanderthal thinking” then the founders of our country were no more than cavemen trying to create fire.

The reason for the end of restrictions was to place the people in charge of themselves, not the government. Obviously, Biden isn’t comfortable with that.

Our founders built a country made for freedom and liberty, free of tyrannical government.

If that’s “neanderthal thinking” then Biden has obviously lost touch with the country he runs.

What do you think about Biden’s comments?

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