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WATCH: Biden Can’t Shake Trump out of His Head…

by Graham Allen Team

Donald Trump recently announced that he will be going to the border BEFORE the United States President and Biden can’t seem to shake it off…

This weekend Biden was pressed by reporters because of Donald Trump’s announcement and it is clear that Biden is a little shaken up by his announcement.

“Mr. President, we have seen Republican senators at the border. Former President Trump says he’s been asked by some border patrol agents to go to the border, do you think that would be productive? And any time table on when you might go?” One of the reporters asked Biden.

“We are putting in place a plan that I feel very confident about … And, and, uh, I don’t care what the other guy does,” Biden said in his response.

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It is laughable that President Joe Biden could not even call former President Donald Trump by his name. This just goes to show that Trump lives inside Joe Biden’s head. Watch the full video below of Joe Biden being questioned:

There already seems to be a distinct feud between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump who has criticized the White House on their policies and Biden’s lack of transparency at the border.

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Trump recently spoke out about Biden’s Press Conference and the comments he made about working on their denial of the border crisis. Here’s what Trump said about the crisis at the border when he was on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle last week:

Despite their ongoing battle about the crisis at the border, Biden continues to push the border issue to his Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Harris has since, been a little occupied with other issues such as renovations of the Vice President’s residency. The Vice President has been silent about the border since she was caught laughing at the crisis and since Joe Biden put her in charge of the border issues.

Several reports have come out that Kamala Harris is ‘frustrated’ with the continuous renovations of the Vice President mansion.

The only news coming out of the Vice President is their search for ‘volunteers’ to help with the border crisis.

“We are actively working to screen, process and deploy these volunteers while continuing our recruitment efforts and exploration of other avenues to bolster staff resources at the border,” the Office of Personnel Management said in a series of memos that Fox News confirmed.

Do you think Biden handled the border better or Donald Trump?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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