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WATCH: Biden STALLS Bringing Troops Home – Claims Trump’s Goal is ‘TOUGH’…

by Graham Allen Team

In a recent interview, Biden announced that bringing troops home will be ‘tough’ for his administration.

Biden was specifically referring to the troops that are based out of Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan has been the LONGEST war that America has ever faced. Donald Trump’s administration fought hard to bring American troops home during his time as America’s Commander in Chief.

Ultimately, Donald Trump’s foreign policy team reached a deal to end the war between the two which was SUPPOSED happen in six weeks.

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President Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban resulted in a mutual agreement for America to bring their troops BACK home.

Biden’s interview with George Stephanopoulos revealed much more information regarding Biden’s handling of foreign policy so far.

The interview aired on Wednesday and included Biden saying that he was consulting “allies” about the pace of removing America’s troops from the region.

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President Trump’s agreement which was worked through many intense negotiations resulted in a resolution for the American Military to leave Afghanistan at the first of May.

Biden told the reporter that “it could happen, but it is tough.”

The President seems to not be able to keep up with Donald Trump’s fast paced and result driven foreign policy.

Biden even suggested that he may try to BUY MORE TIME and said that if they could manage to extend the deadline it would not be by “a lot longer.”

Biden has promised to deliver just as much peace driven policies as Trump. Former President Trump made history as he was one of the only recent President’s to not instigate global conflict.

Following up Trump’s policies could be difficult for Biden BUT these are the promises he made during the election cycle and he owes it to the American people to live up to his word.

Instead of praising Trump for his peace based policies, Biden tried to demonize him.

“That was not a very solidly negotiated deal that the president, the former president worked out. We’re in consultation with our allies as well as the government, and that decision is in process now,” Biden said in the interview.

Here’s the clip for the interview:

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