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WATCH: Closed schools advocate CAUGHT taking his daughter to school…

by Graham Allen Team

A California official has once again been caught violating their own “ideals.” 

This time it was Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer. 

A group of parents who go by Guerilla Momz followed Meyer to his daughter’s private preschool, where he was caught dropping her off for in-person learning. 

Since they posted the video, Meyer has been blasted online because he has been a leading force at preventing schools from reopening. 

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According to the New York Post, the group Reopen California Schools reacted to the footage on Twitter by saying, “@BerkeleyUnified union pres. Matt Meyer who has led efforts keeping Berkeley schools closed nearly a year because it’s ‘unsafe’ caught dropping daughter off at private in-person school … Why is it safe for him but not the rest of BUSD families???”

Meyer has said that schools were unsafe for in-person learning for months, but his daughter has been attending in-person learning since June 2020.

The Berkley Federation of Teachers, which Meyer is the head of, has said schools can only open if their “gold standard” is adopted. 

This gold standard means that the teachers must be vaccinated before schools reopen, along with social distancing and mask-wearing. 

Keep in mind that this is not full-blown in-person learning by any means. 

The “gold standard” will only allow for hybrid learning to begin, which typically means that certain groups of students attend school physically on certain days of the week.

Meyer has since made a statement claiming his child’s privacy has been violated, even though the video blurs her out entirely. 

In an attempt to defend himself, he also said to Fox News that there are “no other public options for her age.” 

Meyer continued to say, “We all want a safe return to school. The Berkeley Federation of Teachers is excited that Berkeley Unified will be reopening soon with a plan, supported by our members and the district, to get our students back in classrooms starting later this month,” 

The reopening could be delayed through the rest of the school year because opening schools is dependent on vaccine roll-out.

If there is a delay in vaccinations, which will more than likely be the case, schools will be pushed back even further, unless your name is Matt Meyer.

Many parents have pushed back against the closings and want schools to be reopened immediately to prevent further damage to their child’s education.

Meyer’s actions show how little these public officials care about following their own rules.

Do you agree with Matt Meyer?

If not, tell us why in the comment section.


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