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WATCH: During SURPRISE Speech Trump Hints At THIS Relative Running For Office…

by Graham Allen Team

Though Donald Trump is talked about daily, he isn’t in front of cameras as much as he used to be.

During a dog-rescue fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago, Trump surprised the crowd in classic fashion, but he made some MAJOR remarks that could mean a different Trump family member running for office.

The fundraiser held was one that’s mission is to remove and rescue dogs as a served meat in market trades of China. Even though Trump’s setting isn’t usually dog fundraisers, that didn’t stop him from speaking extremely CANDIDLY for a good cause.

Of course, Donald Trump was wearing his classic “Make America Great Again” Hat during his off off-the-cuff remarks.

“So, I didn’t exactly prepare for this,” Trump joked to the crowd as they roared with praise.

“But I was walking by and I hear everybody screaming in the ballroom and I said ‘what’s going on?’ and they said ‘we’re going to help dogs’ and that’s OK with me,” the former President said.

“Tremendous progress had been made,” Trump went on to say.

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A source that is connected to Donald Trump and his official schedule made a statement about the appearance but it was missing a key detail.

Spokesman Chase Scott, released this statement to Fox News:

“President Trump visited the event and thanked those attending for their support in helping Big Dog Ranch Rescue save 47,000 dogs to date. The crowd responded with a standing ovation for the President, Lara Trump and Lauree Simmons for the work they did to help pass the first national animal anti-cruelty bill in U.S. history. The fundraiser was sold out and so was spread over 2 days to allow for social distancing and raises funds to save abused, abandoned and injured dogs and to bring dogs from China who would otherwise be victims of the horrific dog meat trade.”

One reporter was able to capture a rough video of Trump’s remarks, which alluded to a potential candidacy for another member of the Trump family:

Did you catch that?

Donald Trump just IMPLIED that his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, could be running for United States Senate.

This is obviously a HUGE announcement after months of speculation that Lara Trump could be running for an open Senate seat in her home state.

Lara Trump, wife of Donald Trump’s second son, Eric Trump, is a native to the State of North Carolina which currently has a vacated Senate seat.

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Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law was also an important advisor to his campaigns and his time in the White House.

In a poll done in November, Lara, who was born and raised in the State of North Carolina, blew any competition out of the water. Lara Trump since then has hinted at the idea, however, Trump’s announcement is the biggest hint so far.

Lara and Eric both live in New York as of now, but North Carolina is very much still apart of their lives.

Do you think Lara should run for Senate?

Let us know your thought’s in the comment section below!

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