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WATCH: Pelosi Does A SHIMMY After Passing Stimulus Bill

by Graham Allen Team

Nancy Pelosi is NEVER one to show emotion, however this time she lets it by.

After passing the COVID relief bill, Nancy Pelosi appears to dance out of happiness when the bill passes.

The COVID relief bill which was passed only by Democrats set an historic dollar sign for stimulus packages. The Democrats passed the bill which weighed in at almost $2 Trillion dollars.

Twitter erupted after Pelosi appeared to do a shimmy after passing the bill.

Watch Pelosi’s “shimmy” in the Tweet below:

Many are saying that Pelosi’s shimmy is highly inappropriate. Considering the amount of taxpayers that are footing the bill for her COVID package.

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Without even feeling the weight of her decision, Pelosi belittles the incredibly detrimental move to something that is only awarded by a dance.

See how Twitter reacted below:


While some folks mocked Nancy Pelosi, many of the progressive Twitter users praised the Speaker of the House.

Look at what Nancy Pelosi’s supporters said in the Twitter comments below:

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi’s dance?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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