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WATCH: Texas Gov. to open ENTIRE STATE and END mask mandates

by Graham Allen Team

The Texas governor has had enough.

In a recent video, Greg Abbott announces that the State of Texas will be back open.

“Today, I am ordering a new Executive Order that rescinds all other Executive Orders,” the governor said.

“Effective next Wednesday,” Abbott said announcing the timeline of his lifted regulations.

“All businesses of any type, are allowed to open 100 percent,” the governor announced.

“That includes any kind of entity in the state,” Abbott said.

The Governor made this huge announcement but followed it with an even bigger one.

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“Also, I’m ending the statewide mask mandate.”

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The crowd of the press conference roared in applause.

Well there you have it.

Texas yet again is taking a stance for the freedom of Americans and American businesses.

This doesn’t mean that regulations won’t happen, nor does it mean people won’t wear masks.

Abbott’s announcement is simply giving the power to the people.

The Texas Governor is now re-instituting the power for Texans to think as themselves and not have to rely on the government.

Watch the full video of Abbott below:

While Texans may be happy, some Twitter users were not.

Here are some of their reactions:

This is obviously not a decision to stand against COVID regulations, but one to stand in favor of freedom.

Those who approved of the decision said this:

Do you agree with Governor Abbott’s decision?

Let us know in the comments why or why not.


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