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WATCH: Woman denied service in DRIVE-THRU for THIS

by Graham Allen Team

In a recent video, a women is allegedly refused service because she didn’t have a mask on.

Now this normally isn’t that big of a deal, in fact it happens all the time.

It’s actually a conservative belief that privatized businesses can do whatever they want.

Hence the “private” part of the business.

However, this instance is a little over the top.

The customer, who’s instagram name is Alison Wonderland, is being refused service while she is in the drive-thru.

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The employee of the store appears to offer the lady a mask while she’s in the drive-thru.

The interesting contradiction is that to hand the women a mask the employee would expose themselves anyways.

The woman calls the drive-thru worker out for the contradiction, in which they continue to offer an extra mask.

Watch the clip below to see more about the situation.


The post itself is around 12 minutes long, and has gone viral since it was published.

Alison first published it two days ago and has collected more than 60 THOUSAND views since then.

To watch all 12 minutes feel free to click HERE.

Has the mask craze gone too far in this instance?

Do you agree with the lady in the video?

Tell us why or why not in the comment section below!


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