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ZERO COVERAGE: Man stabs 12 year old CHILD in the neck screaming ‘WHITE DEVIL’

by Graham Allen Team

At a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh, a man stabbed a 12-year-old boy in the neck SCREAMING racist names in an anti-white hate crime.

Charles Edward Turner, 51, attacked the 12-year-old boy on Sunday and so far, the media has stayed SILENT because anti-white hate crimes DO NOT fit their narrative…

The Pittsburgh Post reported, “According to police, the boy was stabbed in the neck inside the McDonald’s at Liberty Avenue and Stanwix Street near Market Square around 2 p.m. Officers Ross Small, Harry Siwik and Steve Harris sustained injuries during the arrest. David Lewandowski and Henry Seifried, employees at McDonalds’s, also were injured.”

The child was at a McDonald’s with his family when Turner attacked the boy and stabbed him in the neck with a box cutter. Thankfully, the child is now in stable condition after turner stabbed him on Sunday.

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“According to the criminal complaint, Mr. Turner fought with officers as they tried to arrest him. The complaint alleges that Mr. Turner used racial slurs against officers, patrons and employees during his arrest and bit one of the witnesses,” The Pittsburgh Post added.

Local television reported that Turner was uttering “white devils” and other racial slurs at the scene of the crime.

The Post Gazette chose to leave out the details of the “racial slurs” he was using during the attack on the young child.

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The report also says that “In the criminal complaint, a witness told police that Mr. Turner tackled the child from behind. As people tried to pull Mr. Turner away they noticed the child’s neck was slashed.”

The police are unsure of if the attack was spontaneous or premeditated.

From the looks of it, this man seemed to be out for blood and his statements give some insight to the situation.

Turner has an extensive criminal record and has been arrested countless times for aggravated “assault, aggravated harassment by a prisoner and simple assault, with crimes going back to the 1980s” the Gateway Pundit reports.

The child originally was in critical a state upon his arrival to the hospital but is now thankfully in stable condition.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Turner is facing charges for, “criminal attempted homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, and resisting arrest.”

BUT Turner has NOT been charged for a hate crime. Many are speculating that if the roles (or races) had been reversed, the legal consequences would be DRAMATICALLY different.

The mainstream media has yet to fully pounce on this story despite the AWFUL circumstances that occurred.

American’s are now witnessing the clear attempt by the mainstream media to suppress stories where caucasian people are the victim and NOT the villain.

It’s important to note that just the other day,  many liberals JUMPED to blame white people for the shooting in Boulder, Colorado but once it came out that his ethnicity was not caucasian they COMPLETELY backed off.

Here’s a CLEAR example:

For more examples and the FULL story of left-wing members in the media attempting to blame white people for the shooting click HERE.

Race-baiting has NEVER been this bad in social media and it is only continuing to get worse…

Do you think there is a racial double-standard in America?

Tell us why or why not in the comment section below!

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