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21-Year-Old “Peaceful Protestor” Tells Crowd To ‘Get Blood On Their Hands’

by Graham Allen Team
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As videos emerge garnered to instigate riots and congresswomen encourage violence, the youth appears to be stepping in to instigate things as well.

A 21-year-old kid recently spoke at a rally or ‘protest’ where he called on his audience to ‘get blood on their hands.’ The speaker has been identified as “Rahim B.” who was speaking out about the growing violence…

Watch the video below:

Here’s just some of the CRAZY things said during the video (including his attack on Joe Biden)…

“How much longer can we protest and march in the streets before we are ready, really ready, to get blood on their hands because one of these days, it’s going to have to come to that.”

Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there. In fact, it actually gets worse.

Rahim B also appears to completely drop the facade of being a ‘peaceful protestor’ despite the mainstream media’s continuous attempt to depict the riots as that.

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“Bringing about that change is not going to always be pretty, and it’s not going to be peaceful,” Rahim B said in his statement.

Rahim B went on to ADVOCATE in favor of rioters by saying, “I don’t condemn who loot, I support them for looting. I support people who take matters in their own hands. If you want to set something on fire, go do that.”

Well, that would be called ANARCHY, not justice.

Even though this kid is most definitely a left-wing radical, he ACTUALLY attacks Joe Biden in his statement as well. Read what he said below:

“We voted in the new president, Joe Biden, but I told folks straight up — Joe Biden ain’t gonna do nothing for us because Joe Biden was in office as the vice-president when the Black Lives Matter movement started and ain’t nothing changed.”

Well that shouldn’t be a shocker for most Democrats. Some regarded Biden to be a savior in the civil rights movement despite that being COMPLETELY false…

Rahim B isn’t the only one saying this kind of stuff. Just recently Maxine Waters ALSO incited violence in a video that can be found HERE.

Do you think Rahim B is right to say this? Let us know in the comment section below…

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