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AP Poll Reveals Only 24% of Americans Approve of Biden’s Immigration Policy

by Graham Allen Team


A new poll that just recently came out shows that many Americans might not align with Biden on his stance for Immigration.

The Associated Press reveled this poll showing a STRONG discontent with Biden’s job at the border so far.

The poll was done by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research which consulted many Americans opinions on what Biden has done and their thoughts of immigration policies.

The data compiled by the Associated Press displayed that only 24 percent of all adults approve of Biden’s job so far during his time in office.

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The results of the poll also showed that 40 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s Policies while 35 percent had no opinion.

Biden even failed to receive the majority approval rating of these policies in his own party. Out of Democrats polled, 44 percent approved of his job, 40 percent had no opinion and 15 percent of the Democratic party did NOT approve of his policies at the border.

When it came to Republicans, only 8 percent of conservatives approved of Biden’s job and a WHOPPING 66 percent disapproved. This left 26 percent of Republicans who didn’t have a stance either way.

President Joe Biden initially welcomed ALL illegal immigrants when he was a candidate running for the Oval Office, but he back tracked that statement after the SURGE at the border happened as soon as he was in office.

While Biden’s policies have FAILED so far, his intentions do resonate with many Americans. Almost 50 percent of Americans do believe that children at the border should receive fair treatment upon arrival or apprehension.

65 percent of Americans say that children should be reunited with their families at the border.

Joe Biden attempted to play the “more humane” route for border policies, however, his job backfired as he could not institute the policies correctly which led to the crisis at the border.

CNN recently reported that if Joe Biden’s policies continue to go the way they have been, a WHOPPING two million people could come to America’s souther border in just 2021.

This shows a HUGE difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Here’s what CNN reported:

US Border Patrol encounters are also expected to be largely made up of single adults, who are being turned away at the US southern border as soon as they’re encountered under a public health order, and as a result, might also account for repeat crossers.


But combined, the data — based on preliminary reporting as of this month — illustrates the continuing challenge for the Biden administration, which has already faced a series of hurdles on the US-Mexico border, particularly with unaccompanied children and migrant families.


Data reviewed by CNN shows that up to 1.1 million single adults are expected through September, along with up to around 828,000 families and more than 200,000 unaccompanied children. Border Patrol encounters are expected to continue to rise month-by-month, according to the projections, which can vary.”

Do you think Joe Biden has done a good job at the border?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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