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Despite Protests, Conservatives Speakers Give Massive Speaking Event

by Graham Allen Team

Conservative Speakers Speak At Clemson University, Despite Outrage…

The weeks of anticipation came to a head Thursday night as Clemson University’s chapter of Turning Point USA put on their Back the Blue event.

The event which featured Tomi Lahren, Brandon Tatum, and Graham Allen drew sharp criticism from student activists who tried to cancel the event.

By doing so they elevated the event to the national spotlight and which caused the event to be moved to the basketball arena to accommodate more supporters.

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The same activists also organized a protest outside of the event. Protestors were seen attempting to agitate the attendees by yelling at them and insulting their physical appearance and comparing the event to a KKK Meeting.

Chapter founder and President Lauren Spottz kicked off the event at about 7pm to a packed crowd of about 1,200 patriots, a sell out.

The first speaker, Graham Allen, spoke about how important it is to respect those in uniform by pointing out an often overlooked fact: no matter what they will be there to protect you.

Allen, a veteran, also spoke on the need for people who love America and want to defend it to join as opposed to the people who want to join just for free college or health care.

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The second speaker, Brandon Tatum, spoke on his experiences as a police officer in Tuscon, Arizona. He echoed some of the same sentiments as Allen while giving more insight into the policing world.

Telling stories of his time as a police officer he explained how policing isn’t at all racist, and how
cops hate those who give them a bad name.

He underscored that those few bad actors aren’t a reason to defund the police.

The final and headline speaker, Tomi Lahren, did not disappoint. Lahren was the main
source of contention about the event, and she knew it too.

She called out the protestors who wanted to silence here, categorizing them as against freedom of speech.

She also spoke on several issues ranging from COVID 19, as well as the support of the Police. Clemson’s chapter of Turning Point USA is the fastest growing chapter in the SouthEast Region, and one of fastest growing in the whole country.

HUGE conservative influencer, Amjed Yacu, was also in attendance and shared his thoughts on how the censorship in America was going…

Check him out in the tweet below:

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