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Drag Queen ‘Preacher’ Prays To The ‘god of self-acceptance’ In so-called ‘Sermon’

by Graham Allen Team


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A self-proclaimed preacher has delivered multiple sermons that have incredibly strange ideals based in them…

Obviously this must not be connected to the Jewish-Christian God because it has very little accurate theology in the sermons that would connect the two to whatever this so-called preacher is proclaiming.

Read some of the CRAZY quotes from the sermons below:

“Today we are here to say that the love + the wisdom of God is present + overflowing within all people, within all spaces + within all identities. Yes, even drag, even within queerness it swells forth, within all forms of art, within all protests + love, it is divine”

While love does inherently come from God’s divine love, this pastor is taking it to a whole new level. They also cite “all identities” which God clearly states HE defines ones identity, not whatever the world or culture proclaims…

“May we, as members of the kindom, the Queendom of yours, work daily to uproot injustice…Oh god of self-acceptance, may we see you within our own beings. Within our own identities. Within our true selves. I pray this in the name of the god of the source of equity…”

“God of self-acceptance,” which the preacher states in their excerpt is an odd take on what God ACTUALLY says. The Bible clearly states that we don’t NEED self-acceptance because acceptance for what GOD has called us to comes from him, definitely not from the ‘woke culture.’

“I am really uncomfortable with the story of the crucifixion…The Queer Bible Commentary transposes the story of Christ…onto the story of the queer experience…’The secret is what makes people tremble, and people will tremble sensing the mystery of queer holiness.'”

Possibly the most outlandish part of this is the preachers’ statement on being uncomfortable with the crucifixion… JESUS WAS UNCOMFORTABLE with the crucifixion but he did it because HE LOVES US. It’s not something we get to be uncomfortable with because it REDEEMED us.

“In Mark 15, Christ is laughed at, told he is nothing but a lie, that his mystery is wrong + that he is unworthy of life…He was clothed in a purple robe + given a crown of thorns that was pressed into his head. This was all a jest at his identity…Your identity is not a sin.”

Identity is NOT our sin because of God’s redemption but not so that we can just justify our sin with Christ’s death. That CLEARLY ruins the point of EVERYTHING that Jesus did…

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If you’d like to see the thread of videos they’ll be added below:

Do you think the ‘woke preacher’ is right? Let us know in the comment section below…

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