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Tensions Rise In The Holy Land After The White House’s Administration Change

by Graham Allen Team


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Over the past few days during the Islamic holy time of Ramadan, tensions between Israel and Palestine have risen to almost a breaking point.

According to CNBC, there have been multiple clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police in Jerusalem including ones that have hurt police and bystanders. Watch the video below to see just one example:

This amount of unrest is different than what has been seen in months past, which comparatively has been peaceful. As this time of year comes around, the people of Israel have become more volatile

The peace, which according to the Times of Israel was because of a ceasefire negotiated with Hamas has seemingly been broken as seen in another video below:

There have also been missile attacks between Gaza and Israel with strikes coming from Palestine first, with many being intercepted by Israel’s “Iron Dome.” The Iron Dome took out at least 40 rockets in just one recent weekend.

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Rocket strikes although not uncommon in the region is an escalation and can certainly lead to more hostilities. The rockets have been sent through the terrorist group Hamas, who Israel has vowed to punish for inflicting such damages upon their country.

Interestingly, the United States Embassy has not taken sides in this conflict according to the Times of Israel which is a clear move from the Biden Administration.

The Embassy’s lack of intervention comes despite Israel being one of America’s strongest allies in the Middle East. Israel helps defend the peace in the Middle East daily which Donald Trump helped fund to make sure tensions would not rise.

The Embassy was recently moved under President Trump to Jerusalem in an effort to strengthen the legitimacy of Israeli control over the city.

Donald Trump’s Israel-friendly policies helped negotiate some of the strongest peace deals the region had ever seen before Joe Biden wriggled his way into office.

The growing tensions could be a result of the administration change as many Palestinians did not challenge Israel’s legitimacy so violently during Donald Trump’s time in office.

This is a developing story, so look back for more coverage.

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