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UFC President Dana White Blasts Lockdowns Saying ‘People Are Done’ In Recent Interview

by Graham Allen Team


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The President of the UFC, Dana White is now speaking out on the American pulse on government lockdowns through the COVID-19 pandemic…

White’s success in the sport has come from a lot of his defiance on what the ‘woke culture’ deems is right and wrong. Dana White spoke out against politics and sports which you can read in his statement below:

 Well, one of the things that I’ve really tried to do through this whole thing is stay out of politics. When people tune in to watch sports, they don’t want to hear that crap. They don’t want to hear what your opinions are or who you’re voting for or what you’re doing. They want to get away from everything in their life, and they want to focus on the two, three, four hours, however long the sport is.


Throughout this pandemic, when you turned on the UFC, we never talked about COVID, we never talked about politics.


Obviously there are certain fighters — male and female — who have their own religious beliefs, their own political beliefs, or whatever. We don’t muscle anybody, either.


So if somebody comes out at the press conference and they want to talk about this or that or whatever it might be, it’s their God-given right to do it. We don’t muzzle anybody, but we keep politics out of the sport.


You want to listen to that stuff? Turn on any other station, you got it. You’ll hear all the COVID and political stuff you want to hear. When you turn into the UFC, you’re there to see fights.

This seemed to work remarkably well as many people were EXHAUSTED with politics in sports and the sports move to incorporate education in their programming. Dana White shows that he is clearly trying to move as far from that as possible.

He then went on to EVISCERATE mandates on masks and defended FREEDOM in his statement below:

We’re the first major sport to have an indoor live event at full capacity during this pandemic.


[On] Saturday night we had 15,259 fans there. You wanted to wear a mask? Wear a mask. You didn’t want wear a mask? You didn’t have to.


Everybody was there. The crowd was explosive all night. It was a great show. We broke the arena record, and what that tells me — I sold out Jacksonville, going to Houston next, then Vegas, 50,000 seats sold out in under five minutes total for all three — people are done.


People are done being told where they can go, what they can do. They’re ready to get back out there and start enjoying their lives again.

Of course Dana White is having to house his events in conservative states that aren’t as strict as more liberal cities.

How REFRESHING is it to hear from a President of a sports team that openly advocates for what every day Americans believe in.

If you want the full effect of the interview, check out the FULL footage in the video below:

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