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WATCH: Greg Gutfeld EVICERATES ‘Woke America’ in HILARIOUS Debut Show…

by Graham Allen Team

“Cancel Culture Just Got Cancelled”

Greg Gutfeld’s new show and tagline are EXACTLY what America needs right now.

The Fox News host launched his new show and he did NOT hold back on attacking the ‘woke’ folks who try to cancel their way through American politics.

Fox News even bought billboards on Hollywood Boulevard and TV ad spots during late night hosts, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and others just to stick it to them.

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Gutfeld’s debut show is set to attack the woke culture nightly, given the amount of material that the left will give him, Gutfeld’s show is definitely worth the nightly watch.

Throughout the election season, Gutfeld’s Saturday night ratings soared past some nightly hosts like James Corden and almost broke the ratings of even bigger people on week nights.

Greg Gutfeld has proven that he not only deserves his own spot but that he can rival the other TOP DOGS of Hollywood, while maintaining conservatism.

“I don’t really think about those shows that much, because anything I could predict, I lose interest in,” Gutfeld said in a recent interview.

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“So I already kind of know that they share the same assumptions. In a way, they are there to please their peers, and not necessarily the audience, which they cannibalize,” the Fox News host went on to say.

“The question to me becomes this: What does this provide that is not already there? If it is just political commentary with humor, I don’t know if that’s enough. Is it a funny show with a little politics? That could work,” Gutfeld added.

While Deadline thinks that Gutfeld’s humor isn’t enough to keep him going, other veterans in the industry think that Greg Gutfeld is everything that Late Night Show’s need.

Dave Berg, Co-Producer of Jay Leno’s late night show, says that Greg Gutfeld will fill the void that the leftist late night hosts have failed to reach.

“He has an area that no one else is touching … is not just a political commentator. He understands humor. He understands satire. He understands a good joke and how it works,” Berg commended Gutfeld in saying.

In his first episode, Gutfeld attacked the mainstream media for intentionally targeting America and forcing division in exchange for money.

Watch the clip from the first episode below:

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