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A Capsized Smugglers Boat Caught On Camera Results In Massive Border Patrol Arrest

by Graham Allen Team


The border crisis continues to get worse by the day.

U.S.Border Patrol officials say one person died and 10 others were pulled from the ocean during a rescue operation involving a suspected smuggling boat in La Jolla, California.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “The incident is one of at least four at-sea human smuggling attempts in San Diego in just the past week, and comes nearly three weeks after three undocumented immigrants drowned when their boat crashed near Cabrillo National Monument.”

Border Patrol agents began tracking a small boat around 5:10 a.m.

An agent saw multiple people who appeared in distress but most wore life jackets or held on to them.

San Diego lifeguards were called to the scene and rescued ten people from the ocean who had jumped off the boat.

Lifeguards said 15-18 individuals had been on board. A Border Patrol spokesman said 15 people were determined to be in the U.S. unlawfully and taken into custody.

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See it in the video below:

San Diego Lifeguard Chief James Gartland called the accident “a smuggling event” when speaking with reporters on Tuesday morning.

The Union-Tribune reported:

The panga continued heading up the coast after the group of passengers jumped off. It reportedly came into shore at Wipeout Beach near Coast Boulevard, about a mile away and capsized in the surf line. Lifeguard Lt. Ric Stell said one person was found submerged in water.


People seeking to cross the border are increasingly turning to the sea as enforcement is heightened at land borders.” The La Jolla coastline and shores near Sunset Cliffs have experienced increased activity, the outlet reported, citing criminal complaints filed in San Diego federal court and interviews with authorities.

The Daily Wire reported:

Border Patrol reportedly used an infrared camera to spot a panga-style boat at about 2:15 a.m. last Friday. After the boat landed, agents tracked a group to the yard of a home nearby, where 14 Mexican nationals were found hiding.


On Saturday morning, at about 5:15 a.m., another boat transporting unlawfully present people landed in the same area. Law enforcement reportedly detained 16 Mexican citizens.


Then, 23 Mexicans and three Guatemalans were reportedly detained after another panga was spotted at about 2:50 a.m. on Monday. The panga’s driver ignored instructions from the Coast Guard to stop, but its engine died as the boat approached the shoreline.


“The real danger here definitely is to the migrants that are on these vessels,” said Border Patrol Agent Jacob MacIsaac. “These are basically open hulled fishing vessels, they are loading them, overloading them with occupants, with gas cans.”

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