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Activist Let’s It Slip That ‘Infrastructure’ Was The Only Way The WH Could Sneak Climate Funding

by Graham Allen Team


Joe Biden’s surrogates made the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows to help to push his massive “infrastructure” package across the finish line before Memorial Day.

Following the initial rollout to much hoopla in early April, there has been much dickering going on in the Senate. Republicans have balked at the cost and the legislation remains stalled while negotiations are ongoing.

The $2.4 trillion monstrosity that has been named the American Jobs Plan allocates only a fraction of the overall cost for actual roads, bridges, waterways, and traditional infrastructure. The bulk of the money is going to liberal wish list items including electric cars, affordable and sustainable housing and renaming highways deemed to be “racist” by Biden’s handlers.

With the package being of extreme importance to the climate change zealots who are behind the transformational Green New Deal, Biden’s allies are determined to get it passed. Accordingly, pressure is being applied to Republicans. Former House Democrat and current White House Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond showed up on CNN to make the regime’s case.

Note that Richmond’s example of where Biden was willing to make cuts include infrastructure and NOT to any of the social engineering schemes that are packed into the bill. “He came down on two areas, infrastructure and broadband.” 

Democrats are now eyeing the possibility of cramming the package through without GOP support through the reconciliation process as a way to circumvent a filibuster. Meanwhile, activists have acknowledged that the whole thing is essentially a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal.

An article published by The Hill quotes several sources identified as “environmentalists” who let the cat out of the bag on the so-called “infrastructure” package.

According to Jamal Raad the executive director of a group composed of “former campaign staffers” for far-left Washington Governor Jay Inslee: “The American Jobs Plan is central to enacting Biden’s clean energy and jobs agenda,” the Hill adds that; “He called the infrastructure package ‘plausibly the only way” to get Biden’s climate agenda through Congress.'”

Raad also admits that due to the inability to get Republican support, the Dems will need to use reconciliation to put their Green New Deal scheme in place. “There’s not going to be 10 Republican votes for bold climate and clean energy policy,” he said.

The Hill also quotes Elizabeth Gore of the Environmental Defense fund, “There are some regulatory changes that the administration’s looking at,” she said, “In addition to that, we believe that legislation creates durability and it also creates more flexibility for not just the federal government but for the whole economy to ensure that we’re getting the emissions reductions as quickly and as dramatically as we can.”

Biden has emphasized that he is firmly committed to the globalist climate change agenda on the way to “net-zero” emissions. Additionally, he vowed that the U.S. could cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 50 percent in less than a decade. This feat would require extreme measures including as some have suggested, limits on the amount of meat that Americans can eat.

Also quoted is Christy Goldfuss of the Democrat think tank the Center For American Progress, “We don’t think climate legislation is essential to reaching the climate targets. However, it is very risky to rely on regulations and administration actions alone, especially given the Supreme Court,” she said, stressing the importance of pushing the Trojan horse package across the finish line.

Democrat Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, who along with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, called for Republicans to be cut out of the process.

According to a statement; “Now is the time to go big, to go bold, and to go fast,” He said, “Let’s not waste time trading the necessary scope and scale of this critical infrastructure package for congressional Republican votes that have yet to and will never materialize.”

With the legislation critical to the movement, look for Democrats to refocus their propaganda on shaming Republicans by lumping in the infrastructure package with the “9/11 style” commission as they prepare to go it alone.

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