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Biden Talking Head Claims Middle East Conflict Was Due To Donald Trump’s Mid-East Peace Deals

by Graham Allen Team


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Despite this week’s ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians, the threat of renewed violence is only one terrorist rocket away and the Jewish state’s enemies are a determined bunch.

On Sunday morning, Joe Biden’s surrogates took a victory lap on the “news” shows after the nation’s 46th president caved to pressure by pro-terrorist Democrats led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and browbeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into standing down.

With the peace being fragile and hostilities likely to erupt anew, it comes as no great surprise that the denizens of the swamp would find a way to blame it on former President Donald J. Trump, a man who presided over a rare four year period during which no new wars were initiated.

Making the case against Trump in the most Orwellian manner possible was former Obama Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates who incredibly claimed that it was the historic peace agreements that the ex-POTUS presided over that led to the violence, seeming to suggest that the hurt feelings caused by leaving the Palestinians out of the process were a major factor.

In an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, Gates who served Obama from 2009-2011 was asked about the prospect for the ceasefire to last by host John Dickerson and replied; “I think there’s very little prospect of a peace between them at this point,” he said.

He then took the cheap shot at Trump; “And I think, in fact, one of the things that produced the breakthrough with the Abraham Accords between the Israelis and the Gulf states and others has been sort of essentially setting aside the Palestinian issue and moving on to a region that has changed in some pretty dramatic ways, which basically leaves the Palestinians out in the cold.”

He continued to dump on Trump; “I think sometimes the United States can achieve its objectives more effectively by playing a behind the scenes role than by being out in front,” he said, a clear endorsement of Obama’s feckless policies of leading from behind and sucking up to terrorists.

The 2020 Abraham Accords which normalized relations between Israel and Middle East Muslim nations were one of Trump’s greatest achievements yet received little to no attention from the corrupt media that was too focused on fomenting racial hatred and spreading conspiracy theories to be bothered with reporting honestly on the historical significance of the agreements.

The accords should have won Trump a Nobel Peace Prize but the prestigious reward has been nearly completely devalued since it was given to Obama back in the early phase of his first term despite having zero real accomplishments.

Gates, a longtime Deep State sentinel who served under several Republican presidents in addition to Obama also bemoaned the state of the globalist Bush-McCain-Romney GOP establishment that has been routed by Trump and a shift toward policies that put America first. “I think in terms of the values and the principles that the Republican Party stood for under those five presidents are hard to find these days,” he grumbled.

Gates was one of the ten former Pentagon chiefs who signed the thoroughly dishonest Washington Post letter suggesting that Trump could declare martial law to stay in office and which urged the military to disobey the still-sitting commander in chief; the letter was orchestrated by the malicious bad actor Liz Cheney.

The WaPo op-ed was signed off on by Dick Cheney as well as Donald Rumsfeld, a man who has been his sidekick since both were members of the Gerald Ford administration as well as by Gates’ fellow Obama flunkies Chuck Hagel, Leon Panetta, and Ashton Carter.

Also stabbing Trump in the back were his own two appointees; Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper and James “Mad Dog” Mattis who quit the job after throwing a tantrum that Trump wasn’t willing to start a war in Syria. Rounding out the field was Bill Clinton SECDEF William Cohen. That ten former Pentagon chiefs would sign onto promoting what was essentially a crazed conspiracy theory speaks volumes about the desperation of the swamp to rid itself of Trump.

George Orwell himself would likely be astonished at how accurate that his dystopian predictions have become true in America where freedom is slavery, war is peace, and Trump’s peace deals lit the fuse on the powder-keg in the Middle East.

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