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Both Democrat Senators From Arizona Call Out Biden For Immigration Failures

by Graham Allen Team


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Several prominent Democratic lawmakers have reached a breaking point and are now publicly slamming Joe Biden for his “failure” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

These aren’t the first folks on the left to criticize Biden, in fact, just recently Black Lives Matter leaders DESTROYED Biden for his policies which you can see by CLICKING HERE.

Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said the state’s resources are not enough to handle the rising number of people illegally crossing regions of the state.

“It’s clear that not enough is being done,” Sinema said. “Arizona is bearing the brunt of this crisis because the federal government failed to address immigration issues over the last three decades.”

“What I’m waiting for is the administration to take bold action to actually address these concerns,” Sinema added.

“We haven’t yet heard from the Biden Administration, but we continue to call on them for the urgency of the crisis we face.” We need to “create practical solutions that would disincentivize coyotes who are bringing migrants from other countries to our border,” she added.

Sinema was joined by Arizona Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, who also called on Biden to reimburse the state for the $25 million they expect the National Guard deployment to cost, but they have yet to hear back from the White House.

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“I’ve been down to the border, Douglas, and Yuma. I’ve talked to sheriffs and mayors and the two-sector chiefs and their leadership teams. We’ve got a problem,” Kelly told reporters.

“The federal government has failed on this issue for decades now. Washington has to do better, and Arizonans are fed up. So, I’m just going to call it as I see it,” Kelly added.

A new report reveals that the administration is apprehending nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants a day at the U.S.-Mexico border.

And that number doesn’t even include the illegal aliens who are getting into the country through fraudulent and other sneaky ways.

CNN reported:

Throughout April, Customs and Border Protection has encountered an average of just under 6,000 people daily at the southern border, according to a Department of Homeland Security official, which is in line with the March average of around 5,560 people daily.

During the first three weeks of April, around 122,000 people were encountered by US border authorities on the southwest border, another signal that the month will likely be similar to March, according to preliminary data obtained by CNN.

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton had sued Biden’s administration for allegedly releasing Covid-infected illegal aliens into the United States.

Last month, the Biden Administration was releasing Covid positive illegal aliens into the US interior.

While there’s an increase in Covid-infected illegal aliens coming into America, Biden has substantially decreased the number of illegal aliens they are arresting.

According to Breitbart, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have carried out 75% fewer “priority” arrests, and arrests the Biden administration deems “non-priority” cut by over 80% to the same time frame in 2020.

Last week, it was revealed that the Biden administration is directing Border Patrol agents to dramatically decrease using DNA tests on apprehended migrants at the border, which was used by the Trump administration to identify “fake families.”

Do you think Joe Biden has done a good job at the border? Let us know in the comment section below…

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