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DeSantis Gives Major Hint About Future By Saying: ‘I Have Only Begun to Fight’

by Graham Allen Team


Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis made some explosive comments this week about possibly having bigger plans in the near future.

While speaking at the Republican Committee of Allegheny County’s annual dinner, DeSantis hinted at his future political ambitions, proclaiming, “I have only begun to fight.”

“While in all these lockdown states closed schools, shuttered businesses, and destroyed lives were the norm, in Florida, we’ve had schools open the entire school year,” DeSantis said.

“Our businesses are thriving and we’ve saved millions of livelihoods from the brunt of lockdowns, and all I can say to any state that has not followed suit: Open your state. Open your schools. Take off these mask mandates. Let people live and thrive,” he added.

DeSantis highlighted his work to free citizens during the pandemic, contrasting Florida’s efforts to locked-down states like Pennsylvania.

“We did not suppress our society. Our schools have been open. Every parent has a right to send their kid to school in person in the state of Florida,” he continued.

His speech brought resounding applause as he concluded, “I can tell you this: In the state of Florida, with me as governor, I have only begun to fight.”

CNN noted the Florida governor’s rising popularity among conservatives: “Among the party’s conservative base, DeSantis has emerged as an heir apparent to the former President.”

The outlet added, “While Trump easily won this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference’s unscientific straw poll for the 2024 presidential nomination, a second poll question excluded Trump — and DeSantis lapped the field of White House potentials with 43% support.”


Earlier this month, Donald Trump gave an interview on Fox Business asked by host Maria Bartiromo if he would run again for president in 2024.

“Yes, 100 percent and the polls show that everyone wants me to do it,” he said.

Trump also said he would consider running with DeSantis.

“Certainly, Ron would be considered. He’s a great guy.”

Trump then went off on the 2020 presidential election, again saying that he won the election and “not Biden.”

“The Arizona Senate right now is doing a forensic audit,” he said. “I have no idea what it is going to reveal but I think it is going to reveal tremendous corruption and that is true of many other states.”

On the Democrat voting bill H.R.1, Trump was very critical.

“H.R.1 would be catastrophic,” Trump said of the Democrat bill to change voting. “This law that they’re trying to pass in Congress will override all of the state … including voter ID.”

Trump said it was ironic that you “had to have your name, your picture” to get into the Capitol on Wednesday but they do not want ID for voting.

He said he thinks Republicans “would do very well in the 2022 midterm elections, but Mitch McConnell has not done a great job. They should change Mitch McConnell.”

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