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Graham Allen’s Congressional Adversary Tom Rice Touts Friendship With Liz Cheney In Press Release

by Graham Allen Team


Once again, Congressman Tom Rice did something that may have betrayed the wants of the constituents in the 7th Congressional District of South Carolina…

One of the BIGGEST enemies to Donald Trump was the infamous Liz Cheney was OUSTED from her Republican seat of power just a few days ago.

Cheney was one of the loudest GOP critics of Donald Trump during and after his presidency and she clearly will remain that way since right after her removal from power, Cheney spoke to reporters assuring America that she would do all she could to keep Donald Trump away from the Oval Office.

Needless to say, Cheney completely lost touch with the Republican party and even began to sound a little like Nancy Pelosi…

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Congressman Rice released a statement after Cheney’s removal touting his friendship with Representative Liz Cheney and congratulated her on her run as House Republican Conference Chair.

Rice went on to say that Representative Liz Cheney as a woman of truth, morality, and courage.

His statement read:

Rep. Cheney remains a friend of mine and I believe she was a great leader to our caucus during her tenure. As the Republican Party moves forward, I congratulate Rep. Elise Stefanik as she assumes House Republican Chair. I hope she will put truth, morality and courage at the forefront of her leadership, just as her predecessor did.”

You can see it for yourself in the tweet below:

Although he wishes the best of luck to her successor, Representative Elise Stefanik, this shows again that Congressman Rice does not support the pro-Trump, pro-America plan that South Carolina voters want.

Elise Stefanik even called for the FIRING of Nancy Pelosi in a recent statement which you can see by CLICKING HERE.

Clearly, Tom Rice doesn’t understand the frustration within his frustration within his own district. Note how the Congressman uses words like “I,” “friend of mine,” and “I believe” in his statement which is exactly why the 7th Congressional District of South Carolina is so enraged with his time in office.

The job of the Representative is to, simply put, REPRESENT your constituents, NOT do what you think is best.

The voters in the 7th District of South Carolina clearly voted to keep Donald Trump in office and Tom Rice voted to impeach him. The voters in the 7th District of South Carolina clearly don’t approve of Liz Cheney’s job in office by supporting Trump and yet now their so-called ‘Representative’ is complimenting the political enemy of their district.

While most of the Representatives in South Carolina publicly stated that they voted for the removal of Liz Cheney, Tom Rice reportedly DECLINED TO COMMENT when asked how he voted…

So, not only did Tom Rice fail to represent his district, he COMPLIMENTED Liz Cheney and then REFUSED to even give his constituents their right to know what his decision was in her removal.

It is politicians like these that make many American voters wonder, if they are our ‘representative’ why aren’t they representing….

Do you agree with Tom Rice’s words about Liz Cheney? Let us know why or why not in the comment section below….

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