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Irony Dome: LGBT Treatment in Palestine Completely Shoots Down ‘Woke’ Defense of Palestine

by AJ Ilardi


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Many members of the ‘woke’ left have come out in support of Palestine and the terrorist military group Hamas, under the pretense that they are coming to the aid of  ‘human rights’ however the facts completely contradict their argument….

Check out a PERFECT example of what we are talking about in the tweet below:

Tweets like those above have been rampant all over social media the past few days in response to the eruption of conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Those on the left who choose to blame Israel as ‘oppressive colonizers’ however neglect some very basic facts about those they support, like those in this tweet.

Palestine has never been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, in fact, Islamic nations have notoriously persecuted members of the community.

While the woke left tries to side with Palestine, the Palestinian authority denies any access to LGBT communities to exercise rights such as meeting in groups or speaking up for their rights.

In Gaza, which is where a lot of the current conflict is taking place, being gay could put you behind bars for 10 years and being apart of the LGBT community is completely illegal.

The New York Times reported that Mahmoud Ishtiwi, a previous military commander of Hamas was executed for being gay as they said he “was accused of moral turpitude, by which Hamas meant homosexuality.”

Israel on the other hand is one of the only places in the Middle East that gives basic human rights to members of the LGBT community and those escaping LGBT persecution are actually allowed to claim asylum in Israel if they are not fleeing a country that Israel has conflict.

In the scholarly journal “GenderandSecurity.com,” the scholars write:

In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, some gay men face torture and potentially lethal violence at the hands of PA security forces, members of their own families, and armed militant groups. Brutal repression of homosexuality by a wide array of actors in Palestinian society puts an unknown number of people at risk, and represents an important violation of human rights for people living in the Occupied Territories.

Areas under Palestine and Hamas’ jurisdiction also have a terrible history of abuses against women, which would also be a subject that the left tends to champion.

Tweets like the one above, and Tweets like the following have riddled social media with false narratives and misinformation.

A 70-year-old conflict is far more complex than a misleading graphic on social media, yet graphics like this one are pushed as fact when they are blatantly opinionated.

The ‘woke-left’ attempts to argue that ‘freeing Palestine’ is the best move for ‘human rights’ however, the human rights violations throughout the region completely contradict their narrative.

Just like Israel’s “Iron Dome,” the irony behind the left’s narrative and facts shoot down any argument that the left attempts to muster up right now.

If you’re going to form an opinion about what is going on in Israel, make sure you do your own research, and look at all sides before posting about it.  When everyone is well informed, that is when the world is best served.

Are you on the side of Palestine?  Let us know in the comment section below…

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