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Louisiana Man Who Criticized LeBron James For Anti-Cop Rhetoric Gets Fired

by Graham Allen Team


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Louisiana man and former operator of PJ’s Coffee in New Orleans has lost his job after criticizing race baiter and NBA star LeBron James online.

Of course this man isn’t the first to lose his job, one police officer who mocked Lebron James on TikTok was suspended without pay before, businesses and Americans helped donate to his GoFundMe page, check that out in the article below:

Nine Twelve United To Donate 25% Of Shirt Profit To Suspended Cop Who Mocked Lebron James

James started an online firestorm after he came out against the police force in America, blaming them for targeting black individuals.

One of his Facebook posts read “Protect our Young Black Women & Men!” Another subtle jab at the police force.

Bruno Jr. replied to James’ post, telling him to ‘Eat a d***.’

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The comment was reported by multiple Facebook users who pointed out that Bruno Jr. ran a PJ’s Coffee franchise. In response to the comment, PJ’s Coffee announced that they would be removing Bruno Jr. as a franchisee.

“PJ’s Coffee does not tolerate hatred or disrespect of any kind,” the coffee chain said on Twitter. “The words used by Stephen Bruno Jr. were inappropriate and uncalled for. Our PJ’s Coffee Brand and our locations take pride in supporting the diverse communities in which we serve. Stephen Bruno Jr. has been removed as a franchisee from the locally owned and operated franchise location.”

How dare he criticize LeBron James!!

James has been under harsh scrutiny after his cop hatred became clear on Twitter. Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

The news comes as James faces a backlash for his recent response to the shooting of a black woman in Columbus, Ohio. The woman who was killed, Ma’Khia Bryant, was reportedly in the midst of attempting to stab another black woman when the officer opened fire, potentially saving the life of the woman about to be stabbed. 

James tweeted in response to the shooting with a picture of the officer, writing, “YOU’RE NEXT. #ACCOUNTABILITY.” James later deleted the post.

He followed up, not with an apology, but with an explanation. 

“I’m so damn tired of seeing Black people killed by police,” James said. “I took the tweet down because its being used to create more hate — This isn’t about one officer. it’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY.” 

This isn’t the first time someone has been punished for speaking out against James. An Idaho marshal’s deputy is currently being investigated for calling out James online.

“The Bellevue Marshal’s Office is aware of the extreme controversy regarding Deputy Marshal Silvester’s viral TikTok. The statements made do NOT represent the Bellevue Marshal’s Office. The Bellevue Marshal’s Office always demands that our Deputies engage with our citizens in a friendly and professional manner,” Bellevue’s Marshal’s Office said in a statement. “This NOT how we expect our Deputies to act on duty or use city time. This is a personnel issue that is being dealt with internally. We would like to thank everyone that took time to reach out to us. We greatly value our relationship within our wonderful community.”

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