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MSNBC Guest: ‘Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda’ have nothing on Republican Party

by Graham Allen Team


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A guest on MSNBC apparently suggested that some of the most evil terrorists to ever exist in the globe are somehow not as bad as the Republican Party…

Not only is this not even close to being true, it’s actually very offensive to friends, family and victims of terrorists that the MSNBC guest suggested as it lessens the evil in their heinous acts.

The comments took place on the panel discussion on “the ReidOut,” with the infamous liberal and 1619 Project lover, Joy Reid.

The guest who made those comments has been identified as the former advisor to the Lincoln Project, Kurt Bardella and contributor to USA Today and the LA Times.

Read the transcript and then be sure to watch his comments in the video below:

“I’ve been thinking to myself this whole time, you know, Al Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, the Taliban, the people who wanted to do harm to our nation and to our way of life and our democracy, they got nothing on what this Republican Party is doing … The idea that a member of their party, of their leadership, who’s last name is Cheney, could be purged from their leadership for telling the truth about January 6, for telling the truth about a violent insurrection that claimed the lives of, among others, a Capitol police officer.”


“The fact that people like Cheney won’t support the great lie that this election was rigged or there was voter fraud, the anti-Democratic forces are hijacking this party, purging one of the members who won’t abide by the party line, that is so detrimental and dangerous.”


“We are a two-party system in this country, that’s how it was built for better or worse. When one of those two parties becomes this radicalized and when the core of the party’s ideology is anti-Democratic,  that is a very dangerous development going to result in more violence, that’s going to result in more attempts to overthrow our government, that’s going to result in people losing lives just like January 6.”

Here’s the video and his twitter account:

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Sheesh, if you don’t get angry about that something is wrong…

Well, instead of legitimately coming out and apologizing for his ABHORRENT comments, the snarky piece of crap posts this tweet and then pins it with a caption that is currently making my blood boil.

“The @thereidout @JoyAnnReid segment that “triggered” Fox News and their apparently very sensitive viewers,” Bardella said when he pinned the tweet.

There’s a HUGE difference between getting triggered and righteous anger.

Triggered is when you tweet something like this:

Righteous anger is when someone accuses a group of people of being like the worst terrorists on the planet and that makes you mad…

This fool obviously has ZERO clue of how many people died at the hands of these scumbags because if he did, that thought wouldn’t have entered the vicinity of his mind.

Do you believe Republicans are worse than terrorists? Let us know in the comment section below…

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