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Nine Twelve United To Donate 25% Of Shirt Profit To Suspended Cop Who Mocked Lebron James

by Graham Allen Team


***CLICK HERE to Support Deputy Marshal Silvester and the rest of Police in America!!!!***

In a CRAZY turn of events, a police officer who HILARIOUSLY mocked Lebron James, was suspended without pay but not without a few people coming to his aid…

One ally to the police officer is Nine Twelve United, an apparel company dedicated to uniting America like how it was on the day after America’s greatest tragedy.

Nine Twelve United has stayed a STRONG ally to police, first responders and the military even after the ‘woke mob’ deemed it abhorrent.

You may recall in recent weeks a hilarious spoof video posted by a police officer to TikTok in which he was mocking the NBA’s biggest reason for its economic and popular decline last year: LeBron James.

We can’t fail to mention that the ONE SPORT this past weekend that didn’t shove politics down Americans throats completely DESTROYED Lebron James ratings, CLICK HERE to see what it was….

If you haven’t seen the video, be sure to check it out in the Tweet below:

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Shortly after he posted the video, he was suspended because unfortunately, law enforcement supervisors are increasingly woke, too, and have become really good at throwing their embattled officers under the woke bus.

“The Bellevue Marshal’s Office is aware of the extreme controversy regarding Deputy Marshal Silvester’s viral TikTok,” the agency wrote. “The statements made do NOT represent the Bellevue Marshal’s Office. The Bellevue Marshal’s Office always demands that our Deputies engage with our citizens in a friendly and professional manner. This is NOT how we expect our Deputies to act on duty or use city time. This is a personnel issue that is being dealt with internally.

Well that move COMPLETELY backfired and the officer ended up on the WINNING side of things as many Americans came to his aid.

A friend of Silvester, Gannon Ward, decided to launch a GoFundMe for him, and as of this writing, the account has garnered nearly $439,000 in donations.

Nine Twelve United has opened up a mission to donate 25% of their shirts proceeds to helping fund the police officer after he was suspended without pay.

“When 9/11 happened, police officers didn’t think twice about running into two buildings to save lives, even if it meant losing their own,” Graham Allen, owner of Nine Twelve United said.

“It’s absolutely DESPICABLE that athletes in our country would target these heroes, ESPECIALLY after all they have done for us,” he continued.

“It’s our DUTY as Americans to back these men and women in uniform even if the crazies in Hollywood think otherwise,” Graham Allen said.

“At this point it’s not even an option, if no one will back our law enforcement, WE WILL. It’s time someone stands up for these folks who day-in and day-out make sacrifices so that we can live with our constitutional freedoms,” Graham Allen added.

“We encourage every American to help us REFUND the police with these shirts and not only to help Deputy Marshal Silvester, but also to show police that they have MORE ALLIES than enemies,” Graham Allen said as he concluded.

The move to help fund police officers is much needed in this day and age where people have grown to trash our law enforcement because it’s the ‘woke’ thing to do.

The shirt entitled ‘Back The Blue’ can be seen in the picture below:


If you would like to help this police officer and the movement to help REFUND police officers click the link below and get yourself and others a shirt that shows you are proud to be an ally to Law Enforcement!


CLICK HERE to Support Deputy Marshal Silvester and the rest of Police in America!!!!


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