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Pelosi Calls For a ‘Ban’ of Unvaccinated Republicans on House Floor

by Graham Allen Team


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s running war with House Republicans intensified when she seemed to suggest that GOP lawmakers who have not provided proof of being vaccinated may face being exiled from the chamber’s floor.

Tensions continue to mount after a number of Republicans have openly flouted Pelosi’s forced mask mandate that she has stubbornly insisted upon, despite revised guidance from the CDC loosening mask requirements.

On Thursday, Madame Speaker harshly reacted to Twitter activity by several House Republicans who threw her warning letters in the trash and in the case of Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Green, fed it through a shredder.

Rep. Greene has had a target put onto her back by Democrats for her refusal to bend the knee to her bullying authoritarian colleagues and their unhinged leader who was sputtering with rage when she delivered remarks to reporters.


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Pelosi fumed; “What is this the honor system? The honor system as to whether somebody’s been vaccinated?”

“Do you want them breathing in your face on the strength of their honor?” She asked, adding a theatrical shoulder shrug for the cameras. “So let’s just see, let’s just see…”

She continued with a now tiresome refrain; “This is about science and governance, and science and governance,” Pelosi rambled, “We have a responsibility to make sure that the House of Representatives is not a petri dish because of the selfishness of some not to be vaccinated or to insist.. or to to wear a mask…” she stammered.

Pelosi added, “I mean, we could come to a place where we could say, ‘If you don’t want to wear a mask and you don’t want to…if you’re not vaccinated, then don’t even come to the floor.” She said, “We have facilities up above in the gallery where people can come to vote, We don’t want to deter anybody’s ability to exercise their constitutional duties.”

She was referring to what is described as “a special vestibule on the third floor of the Capitol, above the chamber,” a new low even for Pelosi.

After delivering her remarks and since hypocrisy is the coin of the realm when it comes to the Dems, Pelosi was busted violating her own mask rules when she didn’t wear a face covering in a maskless crowd while schmoozing at the White House.

Whether or not the attendees who were presumably vaccinated were made to present proof or whether it was on the “honor system” is unknown.

Pelosi’s maskless White House appearance will inevitably bring comparisons to her visit to a San Francisco area hair salon without a mask at a time when businesses and residents in the city by the bay were under harsh COVID restrictions. But hey, rules are for thee and not for me when it comes to the Democrats.

The fallout was intense but Madame Speaker retreated to the domain of conspiracy theories when she claimed that it was all a setup. All the while playing the victim and demanding an apology from the owner of the salon.

Whether or not she follows through on her implied threat by vanquishing Republican lawmakers to the third floor remains to be seen. However, as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and whoever coined it must have had Pelosi in mind.

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