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The Left Attacks Tim Tebow’s Faith After Being Hired As A Tight End By Jaguars

by Graham Allen Team


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The news that Tim Tebow will be signed by the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars triggered a firestorm of outrage, with renewed howls of racism that “woke” martyr figure Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t landed a football job.

The former University Of Florida great will reportedly sign a one-year deal to play for his former college coach Urban Meyer. The coach has been tasked with making the franchise relevant again after a horrendous 1-15 record last year when it ran the table by losing every game after a week one win against the Indianapolis Colts.

Tebow will give up on his dream of playing quarterback and will line up at the tight end position in an offense that will be led by former Clemson star and number one draft pick Trevor Lawrence.

Tebow is a devout Christian as well as a positive role model. This comes in yet another wave of progressive “anti-christian” hate which can also be seen in the article below:

Drag Queen ‘Preacher’ Prays To The ‘god of self-acceptance’ In so-called ‘Sermon’

The fact that he returned to the NFL before the anti-American, cop-hating heel Kaepernick was just too much for the haters on the left to tolerate. Their rage quickly spread across Twitter like a plague of locusts.

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Tebow had success at QB when he led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs back in 2011 and delivered a wild card win. However, he was soon traded to the New York Jets after superstar Peyton Manning was signed as a free agent and was out of the league after the next season.

During this short and sometimes spectacular NFL run, Tebow thrilled fans with his exploits and enraged the Christian hating left for his kneeling on-field to praise the Lord. His kneeling wasn’t done to trash America, the complete opposite of the surly malcontent Kaepernick.

Liberals and progressives despised him so much that he was mocked on national television in a disgusting sacrilegious skit on Saturday Night Live.

The raw hatred directed at Tebow was a glimpse into a future when white conservative heterosexual males. and especially Christians would be demonized and scorned. So much that the Biden regime has embraced government-sanctioned racism as official policy.

The signing of Tebow once again rips the scab off of the “woke” mob’s festering wound. Namely Kaepernick, a man of little talent whose toxic attitude would poison a locker room and alienate large portions of any team’s fanbase. He remains out of football after taking his last snap from center on New Year’s Day of 2017.

The former San Francisco 49er soon became a messianic figure to the anti-Trump activist left and especially the media, even though many of his defenders weren’t even football fans. The 2017 season was notable for players kneeling during the national anthem, disrespectful displays that resulted in plummeting ratings, and thousands of empty seats in stadiums.

Following that dumpster fire of a season, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league wisely chose to discourage such protests that many viewed as anti-American and paid “hush money” to activists with a $100 million donation to fund social justice programs.

Kaepernick has had opportunities to resume his football career, like when teams agreed to attend a workout two years ago. Only to have him yank the rug out from under them by showing up in a Kunta Kinte shirt and turning it into a public relations stunt.

He hasn’t demonstrated much real desire to return to the NFL because he’s made more money and become more relevant as a corporate-sponsored activist than he ever could with his minimal talents and poor attitude.

Tebow loves the game and is taking the minimum salary as well as agreeing to a position change to have a shot at resurrecting his career at 33 years old. The signing also makes sense for the Jaguars who need to rekindle fan interest and sell tickets. From a marketing standpoint alone bringing back a local hero for a sequel to Tebowmania could be a big winner.

Do you support Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow? Let us know in the comment section below..

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