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American Media Listed As ‘Least Trusted’ Out Of 46 Countries

by Graham Allen Team

During debate over the Constitution, our framers talked about the importance of maintaining a press — a ‘media’ — free from government control and regulation because they understood that in order to remain free and democratic, Americans would need to stay informed about their government.

Literally, the First Amendment’s freedom of the press provision was aimed at maintaining an informed public, while the same amendment’s free speech guarantee would serve not only as a check on government power but also as a means of debating political, social, and cultural issues of the day.

But almost from the outset, our press was corrupted by scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells who engaged in what came to be known by the late 1890s as “yellow journalism” — the precursor to the “fake news” of today, in which sensationalized headlines grabbed readers’ attention to stories that provided little-to-no facts.

Kind of like the major news outlets of today, most of which have become nothing more than propaganda mouthpieces for the Democratic Party.

A new report lays out how the American media has become the least-trusted out of 46 countries:

Trust in the news has grown, on average, by six percentage points in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic – with 44% of our total sample saying they trust most news most of the time. This reverses, to some extent, recent falls in average trust – bringing levels back to those of 2018. Finland remains the country with the highest levels of overall trust (65%), and the USA now has the lowest levels (29%) in our survey.

John Nolte at Breitbart News adds:

In the wake of the China Flu, “some improvement in [media] trust [was found] in nearly all the countries surveyed … but not in the U.S. where the low rating was flat year to year.”

Yeah, well, that might be because the American media serially lied throughout the Wuhan Flu crisis.

Wait, it gets better still… One of the report’s authors actually believes the American media can increase public trust by engaging in even more racial pandering — you know, because there’s not enough of that already.

Nolte goes on to point out that one of the report’s authors thinks that the U.S. media doesn’t pander enough to racial minorities and should engage in more of that.

“Many Americans do not feel that news organizations are covering people like them fairly, and those who say the news media are treating them less fairly are less likely to trust the news. This includes, for example, younger people (young women, in particular), Black Americans and Hispanic Americans,” the author said. “More inclusive treatment of their concerns will help, he said, with the qualifier that change in trust will take a while given how long these groups have felt left out.”

Nolte went on to name some of the biggest media hoaxes in recent years “off the top” of his mind. They include:

  • Brett Kavanaugh — Serial Rapist
  • The Covington KKKids Hoax
  • Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
  • George Zimmerman
  • The Russia Collusion Hoax
  • The Clearing of Lafayette Square Hoax
  • The Lab Leak Theory Has Been Debunked Hoax
  • The Russians are Behind Hunter’s Laptop Hoax
  • The Russian Bounty Hoax
  • The Capitol Police Officer Killed with a Fire Extinguisher Hoax
  • The Very Fine People Hoax

The American media has long since forget its founding role, which was to be an independent arbiter of the facts while keeping the public informed so the republic remained strong.

Not tear it apart with politically driven fake news.

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