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California Moves Forward With Reparations As Newsom Panders For Voter Support

by Graham Allen Team

California has taken a major step toward becoming the first state to pay out slavery reparations for black residents. This is a major initiative for Democrats despite its controversial nature.


On Tuesday, a nine-member task force appointed by embattled Governor Gavin Newsom met to begin the process of studying the harm caused by “systemic racism”. Additionally, how to compensate people who have never been slaves at the expense of those who have never been slaveholders.

The milestone was timed to coincide with Joe Biden’s big speech to shamelessly exploit the Tulsa “race massacre”. The obscure piece of the nation’s history has been dredged up by Democrats and distorted to weaponize race for political means.

Biden’s demagoguery was music to the ears of those who have spent decades clamoring for reparations payments. Along with California’s task force, they could soon pave the way for the confiscation and redistribution of wealth on a national level.

According to Secretary Of State Shirley Weber who as a state assemblywoman authored the bill: “California has come to terms with many of its issues, but it has yet to come to terms with its role in slavery, we’re talking about really addressing the issues of justice and fairness in this country that we have to address.”

It is notable that California was a free state when it entered the union in 1850 and slavery was outlawed by the state constitution. Contrary to Weber’s remarks, the state had no “role” in slavery but that inconvenient fact isn’t going to spoil the coming strong-arm robbery.

Secretary Weber addressed the task force, “You’re here today not just to sit and answer to say was there harm, but your task is to determine the depth of the harm and the ways in which we are to repair that harm, there has been enough research for the fact that slavery still has an impact today.” she said.

Task force member Steven Bradford, a state senator as well as chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus added: “We have lost more than we have ever taken from this country,” he said “We have given more than has ever been given to us.” in making the case for reparations payments.

Governor Newsom signed the bill creating the task force into law shortly before the 2020 election.

The beginning of deliberations by the task force are conveniently timed to show black voters that Newsom is on their side. Voters will go to the polls this fall to decide whether or not to recall him.

The governor’s handling of the COVID crisis has been nothing short of disastrous. Newsom’s dictatorial decrees stripped citizens of their civil liberties while breaking the backs of small businesses. All while simultaneously doing little to minimize the state’s number of cases.

Newsom’s already waning popularity took another major hit when he was busted violating his own orders by partying at an expensive Napa Valley restaurant. Pictures of his hypocrisy quickly went viral and likely contributed to the success of the recall petition.

With his political fate hanging in the balance, it could be that reparations may energize black voters now that the coronavirus has subsided. Anger at Newsom will be quickly forgotten by all whose lives were ruined by his dictatorial rule.

For a state that has very serious issues in need of attention, it would seem frivolous to pay out reparations. Newsom must view matters such as the power grid, infrastructure, rampant crime, and a poverty/homelessness problem as trivial. These conditions are more befitting of a third world country than the nation’s most populous state.

The task force is hopeful that their work will serve as an inspiration on a national level. As California goes, so goes the nation. This will especially be the case when Biden is shoved aside to clear the way for president-in-waiting Kamala Harris.

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