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Candace Owens Endorses Graham Allen’s Congressional Run

by Graham Allen Team

Major Endorsement…

Candace Owens, the host of Candace on The Daily Wire and Founder of BLEXIT has officially endorsed Graham Allen’s bid to unseat impeachment voter Tom Rice in the Seventh Congressional District of South Carolina.

Graham Allen announced his congressional run and the support is already POURING in. Several weeks ago Graham Allen’s campaign announced his run against Tom Rice who voted to impeach Trump.

After his vote, Rice also complimented Republican RINO Liz Cheney in a statement which you can see by CLICKING HERE.

Candace Owens published her endorsement through Graham Allen’s campaign which is below:

Candace Owens Endorsement Quote

Candace Owens, Host of Candace at the Daily Wire and Founder of BLEXIT endorses Graham Allen for Congress.

The endorsement reads:

“The left’s gross attack on America is only going to get worse as long as our leadership sits idly by while people like AOC gain the minds of America’s future. The time is now. We need new leadership that is equipped with the voice of the American people taking charge in the battle against the ‘woke’ pandemic. Graham Allen would not only bring a voice to those betrayed by Tom Rice in SC District 7, but would also be a fighter who is equipped to stand up for American values that AOC, Nancy Pelosi and others seek to rid our country of. Graham Allen has my full endorsement and I look forward to seeing him DESTROY the swamp in Congress.” Owens’ statement read.

Candace Owens’ endorsement cites the power that an “influencer” like Graham Allen could have in Congress. Graham Allen’s voice could come in handy when combatting the social media warfare between leftists like AOC.

“AOC can tweet that ‘communism is good’ and thousands of young voters will believe her. We need hybrid candidates. They must represent their own district but also know how go toe-to-toe with liberals who target the minds of America’s future,” Graham Allen said.


Tom Rice, a Republican who explicitly voted to impeach Donald Trump, recently talked about his distaste for social media. Additionally, the representative from South Carolina said he would quit social media when done with politics.

“The day I am out of politics, I will never have another social media account again,” Rice said. The impeachment voter’s comments came just recently at an event in SC.

Of course, those comments seemed to stir Tom Rice’s congressional competition. Graham Allen responded by saying:

“Republicans need to wake up and realize that the battles for America’s future is on social media. The left uses social media as a way to target and change the narrative of America in the youth. Conservatives can’t afford to leave social media. The future of America depends on loud voices advocating for freedom on it.”

Owens, who helps lead conservative voices on social media, seems to continue the fight for those values through this endorsement.

Furthermore, a new wave of candidates are coming and Graham Allen seems lead the pack of influencer-turned candidates. Many are fighting for votes, voices and change in their districts and on the medium of social media.

“I promise you this: the day I am out of politics, I will never have another social media account again,” Rice said

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