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Daily Rant: Unvaccinated Parents Can’t See Their Son’s Basic Training Graduation!?

by Graham Allen Team

Just when you thought the country couldn’t get any more covid-crazy, we learned that unvaccinated families are being barred from attending their child’s graduation from Basic Training, regardless of any prior base access. How disrespectful not only to those who have chosen to fight for our country but to their families as well.

When you sign up for the military, you come to terms with a lot.

You realize that you have sacrificed your personal privilege for the service of others. You realize that it is no longer about you but about some more than yourself.

When our heroes (many of them young) go through that ‘come-to-terms’ mindset, they are entitled to very few things. One of which I THOUGHT was the privilege of having your family attend your graduation from basic training…


A mother of a HERO reached out to us saying that she will be BARRED from seeing her son graduate unless she and her husband showed ‘evidence of vaccination’!

See the graduation ceremony entry requirements below:

I’m sorry, this family is sending their own SON into the military to fight for OUR FREEDOM, and they don’t even have the FREEDOM to attend their own son’s graduation!?!?!

What kind of sick and twisted barter is that?

The person who reached out to us said that her son had come from a long line of veterans and felt like it was HIS DUTY to serve our country only be punished by the tyrannical rule of the government…

Maybe the government should learn from those who are entering and graduating from Basic Training.

Our country is BUILT on bravery, not living in fear or being held hostage to the RIDICULOUS rules and regulations of the leftist government…

Does the government not see the danger many of these service members are going into?

Do they not know that these graduates have weighed the risks involved?

You would think that people who are willing to sacrifice SO MUCH would at least be granted the courtesy of their family seeing them graduate…

When seeing your son, daughter, or any family member graduate from Military Basic Training is hindered because you choose to not get the vaccine, our country is well on its way to losing its way. Our men and women serving and protecting our nation and their families deserve better.

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