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Daily Rant: Why Are We Having Drag Queen Shows at an Air Force Base???

by Graham Allen Team

Want to know something I would have NEVER thought would happen at an Air Force Base?


Well, apparently, that’s something that is happening now…

In Nevada, Nellis Air Force Base, where our men and women in the Air Force become the BEST combat aviators in the WORLD, is now hosting Drag Queen events.

The Air Force Base told Breitbart, “Nellis Air Force Base is committed to providing and championing an environment that is characterized by equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.”

Okay, okay, okay, hold up.

So the Air Force Base that trains pilots to be the best and fight for our nation is now focused on being inclusive???

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that at some point, this Air Force Base probably has changed or “bent” their requirements in the name of “inclusion.”

That’s a given, not everyone who enters the Army is a Green Beret, not everyone who enters the Navy is SEAL, you get my point.

But NOW, the Military is focused on “inclusion”!?!?

Imagine being cut from a wing of the Air Force because your test scores don’t score high enough, or you broke a certain bone that disqualifies you, only to hear that the place you WANTED to serve is now focusing on making sure everyone feels ‘included.’

To be frank, I really don’t care what people do in private and in their free time (As long as you don’t tax me or shove it in my face.) BUT let’s be clear, the United States Military isn’t a “venue” where people can just BLAST their agenda for the world to see… It’s embarrassing for the Air Force and it’s embarrassing for America.

Pardon my outrage, but since every other country is laughing at us right now because we look “weak,” it seems to me that the military might want to STOP with the aggressive attempt of inclusion that has NOTHING to do with the military. Instead, they should focus more on the duties of the military – training men and women to strongly defend our country.

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