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GOP Representative Mike Waltz Claims Putin Can ‘Smell Weakness’ In Joe Biden

by Graham Allen Team

Florida Republican Rep. Mike Waltz went off this week about how Russian President Vladimir Putin must be very excited to meet with Joe Biden.

During an interview on Fox News, Waltz said Putin is “emboldened by weakness” that he can smell from the White House.

“He is everywhere now. Went back to the Middle East under President Obama in Syria. They have a presence in Libya. They still have a presence in Georgia. They now have a presence on the house using some mercenaries on the inside of Ukraine. Congressman, how do they afford all this military action?” host Brian Kilmeade asked.

“Yeah. And their population is shrinking, is on track to be smaller than Bangladesh in a few decades. Putin is bluffing with a pair of fours at best. But, you know, he knows how to pray this game. He is emboldened by weakness. Is he deterred by strength,” Waltz said.

“And right now he smells weakness in the White House. We are seeing a massive and sophisticated Russian nuclear modernization. We are seeing them rearm in the artic where they want to control international shipping as the polar ice cap shrinks,” he added.

“We are seeing them complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that isolates Poland and Ukraine. They are incredibly upset about that. We are seeing them use criminal proxies to launch cyberattacks across the United States at our critical infrastructure. Biden wants to go in and kind of play the nice guy and hope to tamp all of this down. And what Putin is going to do is take advantage of it. Take as much as he can get and continue his neo-colonialist March to return to the old Soviet Union,” he added.



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Even Never-Trumper John Bolton — who previously served as a national security adviser to Donald Trump before being fired — is worried about Biden’s meeting with Putin.

While speaking on MSNBC, Bolton said Putin “won’t be impressed” with what Biden has done the “past 5 months.”

“That may be what he’s going to take, but Putin comes into this meeting. He knows exactly what he wants. There’s no ambiguity in his mind,” Bolton said.

“He’s been on this track a long time. So, the idea that he’s going to be impressed by Joe Biden saying, hey, I’m not Donald Trump isn’t going to cut it. What he’s going to look for is the performance. And admittedly it’s only five months in, but the performance has been weak so far,” Bolton added.



It’s clear to many that Biden has been a total embarrassment to the United States.

And when Biden and Putin meet face to face on Wednesday, many would agree that Biden is not capable of being firm, tough, and making America tough on the world stage.

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