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Pentagon Defends Progressive and ‘Woke’ Recruiting By Claiming They Want The ‘Right People’

by Graham Allen Team

The U.S. Army needs roughly 70,000 new recruits each year to keep its ranks filled and its national security requirement met.


The U.S. Army believes the best way to get those new recruits is to appeal to Generation Z’s innate sense of fairness, social justice, and humanity — not portray the hard-nosed physicality of combat and the reality that those same recruits may someday be ordered to kill, and brutally, to defend their country.

Recently, the service branch debuted a series of recruiting ads collectively titled “The Calling” which have been roundly criticized as overly “woke” and inherently focused on all the wrong qualities the service branch has traditionally sought in its soldiers. In fact, the ads are so over-the-top woke that lawmaker-veterans Dan Crenshaw, a Purple Heart-winning former Navy SEAL, and Sen. Tom Cotton, a former Ranger-qualified infantry officer with multiple combat tours, have intervened.

“I hope the message to military leadership is clear: We aren’t going to stand by as our military becomes another institution crippled by woke political correctness. No more critical race theory, no more identity politics, no more political witch hunts. We’ve had enough,” Crenshaw, a Texas Republican, noted.

But the Pentagon isn’t fazed. In fact, its official spokesman just doubled down on the ads, as well as the military’s overall ‘diversity training’ programs that are blatantly racist, noting that cumulatively, they are all specifically designed to get “the right people” into the military.

Whoa. What does that mean?

The New York Post reports:

The Pentagon defended the military’s diversity and inclusion training programs amid a torrent of criticism, saying they are essential for recruiting the “right people” in its duty to defend the nation.​

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was asked during Tuesday’s briefing about GOP lawmakers creating sites urging whistleblowers in the armed services to expose progressive diversity training programs, some of which have reportedly deemed white people “inherently evil.”

“We certainly respect the oversight that Congress provides. I’m not going to comment on any specific one initiative that members of Congress might be doing​,” Kirby said.

“What I can speak to is what we’re really focused on here at the department and that’s defending the nation. And that means putting in place the right resources, the right strategies, the right operational concepts to do that, around the world.​”

Noting that the military needs “good people” to man its systems and fill its ranks, Kirby strongly suggested that such people have to meet certain new, yet unspoken, criteria.

“And the ​secretary has been very clear and fairly unapologetic about the fact that we want to get all the best talent that we can available from the American people. If you ​meet the standards and you’re qualified to be in the military — and you’re willing to raise your hand and serve this country​ — we want you to be able to do and we want you to be able to do it free of hate and fear and discrimination,” he said.

First and foremost, the U.S. military has led the way in terms of becoming a diverse, inclusive, fair, non-racist institution, beginning in 1948 when President Harry S. Truman issued an executive order integrating all service branches.

But now, suddenly, under Biden’s rule, it’s a ‘racist’ entity full of ‘extremists’ and badly in need of ‘woke’ members?

We’re standing with Crenshaw and Cotton and calling BS on this.

Do you think the military should be woke? Let us know in the comment section below….


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