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Tucker Carlson Calls Dr. Fauci “Sleazy” In Latest Verbal Beat Down To The So-Called “Federal Bureaucrat”

by Graham Allen Team

The bubble may have finally popped for Dr. Anthony S. Fauci. The sickening national worship of a man who has been made into a demigod is nearing it’s end. In reality he is just another “sleazy federal bureaucrat” who cynically exploited the system for his own gain.


Fauci has been entrenched as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since Ronald Reagan’s first term. Now he has finally been peeled off the gravy train after his role in funding dangerous “grain of function” research at the Chinese lab that COVID may have originated became widely acknowledged.

Further contributing to Fauci’s troubles are a trove of damning emails that were pried loose from the federal government by a FOIA request courtesy of BuzzFeed and the Washington Post. These showed that he was hardly the man of impeccable integrity that he had been portrayed as by the corrupt media.

His critics are now validated and the false idol is toppled like one of those statues that were ripped down by Black Lives Matter activists. Tucker Carlson unloaded on the man (who has become one of his favorite targets) who he described as “Jesus for people who don’t believe in God”. He also referred to the doctor as “just another sleazy federal bureaucrat.” 

The Fox News host was hitting on all cylinders as he flayed Fauci alive during Wednesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

According to Tucker, “The utter fraudulence of Tony Fauci is obvious now and it’s widely acknowledged, but it was not always obvious. In March of last year, we interviewed Fauci on this show. We treated him with respect. We took his answer seriously.” he said.

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He continued, “We’re Americans, so we assumed the man in charge of protecting the U.S. from COVID must be rational and impressive. We also assumed he must be honest, but we were wrong. It soon became clear that Tony Fauci was just another sleazy Federal bureaucrat, deeply political, and often dishonest.”

Tucker added, “More shocking than that, we then learned that Fauci himself was implicated in the very pandemic he had been charged with fighting. Fauci supported the grotesque and dangerous experiments that appeared to have made COVID possible.”

Fauci has been strangely absent from TV after over a year of daily media appearances ever since he was confronted over the “gain of function” research by Republican Senator Rand Paul whose questioning led to his lying to Congress.

Carlson went on to break down the contents of the Fauci emails, including efforts to cover up the controversial experiments, “Tony Fauci was worried that the public might conclude COVID had originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now, why would Tony Fauci be concerned that Americans would conclude that? Possibly because Tony Fauci knew perfectly well that he had funded gain-of-function experiments at that very same laboratory.”

“E-mails prove that Fauci lied about this under oath.” Tucker concluded.

Carlson also brought up Fauci’s lies about masks as well as references in the emails to billionaire Bill Gates, a man who has been one of the foremost advocates for mass vaccinations on a global scale.

“Bill Gates” comes up more than two dozen times when you search the Fauci e-mails. Has Bill Gates profited in any way from Tony Fauci’s COVID guidance? That wouldn’t definitely be worth knowing, immediately. And yet, we don’t know. Our media don’t seem interested in finding out.” Carlson said.

With Fauci being under fire and serious criminal issues being raised over his role in the Wuhan coverup, the embattled career bureaucrat fled to MSNBC. There he found a sympathetic ear in former Bush regime spox Nicole Wallace.

Fauci may have MSNBC to fall back to but he has been exposed as a complete charlatan. Only the true believers in his cult will continue to be bamboozled by his manipulative dishonesty and selfish desire to prolong his celebrity status.

He needs to be criminally investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the damage that he has inflicted upon the nation.

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