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UFC Fighter Calls Sore-Loser LeBron ‘Trash’ After Walking Out of NBA Game 5 Minutes Early

by Graham Allen Team

UFC star Colby Covington is going after woke NBA hypocrites and he is not holding back.


During an interview with Steve Bannon on his podcast “War Room Pandemic,” Covington reaffirmed his well-known support for Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

Of course, this isn’t the first person in mainstream media to call out Lebron James, just recently a famous African-American ESPN host called out Lebron saying that he should be ASHAMED of himself, CLICK HERE to see that CRAZY video….

“The biggest thing is that I’m in the UFC, so I’m an independent contractor,” Covington told Bannon.

“I don’t have to bow down to anybody. No one is going to tell me how I’m going to think, or tell me what I’m going to do. I don’t have a commissioner breathing down my neck saying ‘Hey. If you don’t say this or run with this narrative then we’re going to cut you or take away your endorsements.’ So, thankfully in the UFC I’m able to speak my voice,” he added.

“I just see all the hypocrisy from LeBron. He claims to be about social justice but he won’t say ‘Free Hong Kong.’ He won’t talk about the Uyghurs that are locked up in concentration camps in China,” Covington said.

“He won’t talk about all the women that he’s profiting off of in his Chinese sweatshops that are making all his shoes — for dollars — that he’s coming over to America and selling them for hundreds and profiting millions off of here in America,” he added.

Covington continued to hammer James.

“So, I just wanted to call a spade a spade. I wasn’t going to let him dupe the people and make the people think he’s a social justice warrior and he’s on this pedestal,” Covington continued.

He added:

“No, LeBron James is not on a pedestal. That guy is a piece of crap. He’s a piece of garbage. He uses that school that he’s funding as a tax write off and then he wants to claim that he’s some good guy. No, he’s not a good guy, man. All he cares about is lining his own pockets and bowing down to China. The real heroes in this country are the heroes of law enforcement, are the heroes in military. Those are the people that are protecting our freedoms and fighting for us everyday and sacrificing the ultimate sacrifice — their lives to keep us free.”

“I meant what I said. Those guys, they get cramps — like LeBron James — he’s sitting out a whole playoff series or the NBA players stub their toe and they can’t play for a couple weeks. Those guys aren’t fighters, they’re not patriots, they’re not standing up for what they believe in. They’re bowing down to the woke mob and they sprain their pinkie and you won’t see them for weeks. They’re not real fighters. I get locked in a cage with a professional fighter and they’re trying to take my head off. That’s real fighting. I’m fighting for my life with these bare hands. I’m not a privileged athlete like these NBA players. So, LeBron James, John Cena, the Chinese finger puppets — they’re a joke.”

Many Americans certainly agree with what Covington had to say.

Just last night Lebron James WALKED OUT of a game after his time was losing. There was still five minutes left in the game and many are calling Lebron out for having poor values.

Watch the video in tweet below:

It’s this sort of hypocrisy that makes many Americans question what Lebron James is fueling into America’s future of sports.

Do you agree with Covington? Let us know why or why not in the comment section below…


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