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Arizona AG Destroys Biden’s Attempt To Fix Border: “No Cure For Stupid”

by Graham Allen Team

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is going after Joe Biden with everything he has.

During an interview on Fox News, Brnovich spoke with host Sean Hannity about the immigration crisis at America’s southern border and why he thinks the Biden administration has been “stupid.”

Below is a transcript, via Grabien:

HANNITY: “Look at this, ‘New York Times,’ ICE reported over 7,500 new Coronavirus cases in the crowded border camps since April — in other words, Joe’s cages. But rather than address the growing border crisis, Jen Psaki circled back, says that Biden won’t get in the way if states try to do another lockdown. Another one? I thought — I thought the vaccine prevented that. Here with an update, Arizona attorney general, now a Senate candidate — by the way, congratulations, Mr. Attorney General, on running, and congratulations on your lawsuit. Okay, so now we’re talking about more shutdowns in America, but I thought the vaccine was supposed to take that fear away. And they’re letting them in in the southern border and they’re putting them in overcrowded cages for kids? Give us an update.”

BRNOVICH: “Well, Sean, I think it’s as simple as this for everyone watching tonight, is the Biden administration is making a choice between migrants and Americans, and they are telling the wrong people to stay home. They literally are trying to shut down our economy. And I keep emphasizing to folks that the biggest health crisis facing our country today is the Biden administration, because we may have three vaccines for Covid, but there is no cure for stupid. And what the Biden demonstration is doing is just plain dumb, Sean. You know that there are millions of people illegally crossing our southern border, a small percentage of them have been adequately vaccinated. They are packed into detention centers, we see record number — it’s going to be a catastrophe, not only a public health crisis. And so the Biden demonstration, as you know, Sean, is trying to get rid of Title 42, which essentially President Trump used to literally expel hundreds of thousands of people out of this country for public health reasons. So which is it, Joe Biden? Do we have a public health crisis where we are going to lock down our economy, or alternatively, we’re going to go ahead and let people in and gut Title 42 which is designed to protect the public health?”


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Brnovich has been sounding the alarm on the border crisis for a while.

Back in April, Brnovich sent a letter to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey urging him to declare a state of emergency in the state and deploy the National Guard to deal with the surge in migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Reversing the devastating trends at the border will require enforcing the rule of law and holding the federal government accountable,” Brnovich said, urging the state government to act “swiftly.”

Brnovich calls on Ducey to declare a state of emergency and convene the state’s emergency council to “address the border crisis and the human and illegal drug trafficking that will continue to flow from it.”

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