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Breaking News: White House Claims Election Integrity Is ‘Worst Challenge’ To Democracy Since ‘Civil War’

by Graham Allen Team

We’re not certain of this because we haven’t seen the actual proof, but we’re pretty sure that before you can become a card-carrying Democrat or work for a Democratic presidential administration, you have to demonstrate the ability to be a professional gaslighter.

For months, Democrats have literally been lying about various voter integrity bills and laws introduced and passed in several red states. They have lied repeatedly — and the ‘mainstream media’ has allowed the lies to stand and to foment — with claims that:

— the laws discriminate against persons of color

— they make it harder to vote

— they ban certain people from voting

— they are akin to ‘Jim Crow 2.0’

The new laws, at best, require stricter standards for voter identification, as well as improve security around ballot drop boxes and mandate states and counties comply with longstanding federal laws to keep voter registration rolls current and up-to-date.

These are all in practice in most of Europe, which is hardly a bastion of right-wing politics. But if we require them in America, we’re pushing the country towards a new civil war.

Not even kidding; that’s what Joe Biden’s angry little flak, Jen Psaki, said on Monday.

Via Hannity.com:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki escalated her war-of-words with Republican Governors Monday when she called the Republican push to pass voter integrity laws the “worst challenge to our Democracy since the Civil War.”

“First, thanks for the question… The President will lay out the moral case why denying the right to vote is a form of suppression. He will re-double his commitment to use every tool to fight for the right of Americans to vote,” said Psaki.

“He’ll call out the greatest irony of the Big Lie… He’ll decry these efforts as anti-American,” she added. “We must work to overcome the worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War.”

Mind you, this statement didn’t come from some far-left hack on a little-watched cable news network. It came from the president of the United States’ own press secretary. She actually used the term “civil war” — and that’s not an accident.

Which party is pushing for more authoritarianism following the Jan. 6 protest? Which party is responsible for keeping many of those protesters locked up for months on end without hearings and without allowing them to bail out (like the same party allows literally murderers to bail out)? Which administration’s FBI just put out a tweet encouraging Soviet-style spying on ‘extremist’ family members, neighbors, and friends?

Hint: The Republican Party isn’t the right answer.

The Democrats are so fearful that their agenda is widely rejected by most Americans they would rather blow up the country with their own “big lie” about voting integrity than face off in honest, free, and fair elections. That in and of itself is authoritarian.

Make no mistake, this choice of words by Psaki was not made in error. Think of it as, perhaps, a self-fulfilling prophecy: As the Biden regime cracks down on our liberties and actually makes it easier to cheat during elections under the misnamed For the People Act, there will be conflict at some point.

It just will not have been the right that established the conditions for such conflict to occur.

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