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Cuomo Issues New Gun Violence Measures; Claiming It’s An Issue That Will Be Treated Like A Pandemic

by Graham Allen Team

Democrats are in full-blown panic mode over the crime wave that has swept the nation since their obsession with defunding the police. Somehow, they thought that this would be a popular political hill to die on.

However, the exact opposite has happened, as big cities that are under Democrat control have seen an explosion in violent crime that has turned the streets into “war zones” as terrified residents have become prey to the criminals that have been emboldened.

Looking to distort reality and distract from their own complicity in the ongoing mayhem, Dems are gaslighting the public into thinking that the real problem is guns and not their failed policies. This was made clear by Joe Biden when he threw his presidential clout behind a “comprehensive strategy” to go after the “flow of firearms” instead of a reality-based approach of locking up the criminals.

Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is similarly blaming guns for the horrific violence that has plagued his state.

On Tuesday, the Democrat strongman issued an executive order declaring gun violence to be a ‘disaster emergency’ on the same level as a public health emergency, the first such order in the nation and one that will likely be replicated by other Dem governors seeking to duck the blame for their disastrous anti-cop policies.

According to Cuomo; “Treat gun violence as it is which is really a public health emergency, that’s what it is and that’s how we are going to treat it. So today, first state in the nation is going to declare a disaster emergency on gun violence.”

He added; “Now this is a national problem. I get it but somebody has to step up and somebody has to address it and the place that should step up and address it is the state of New York and we should do it comprehensively and honestly and creative and that’s what today is all about because this is that state, when it sees an injustice, we don’t look the other way, we stand up and we fight it and that’s what we’re gonna do with gun violence.”

Cuomo’s remarks at times sounded like a campaign speech, a sign that he could have his sights set on bigger and better things after his governor’s term expires.

The likening of gun violence to public health by Cuomo should be a terrifying thought to those who still have fresh memories of the dictatorial powers that he seized using the COVID crisis as a pretense for some of the nation’s most draconian restrictions.

Cuomo’s 7 point plan for action includes rebuilding the “police-community relationship”, although there was no mention of hiring more cops. He also claims to want to “keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people,” which lacks specific details on how a “dangerous” person would be defined.

Interestingly enough, Cuomo’s COVID state of emergency expired two weeks ago.

Now that he has successfully navigated the recent sexual misconduct scandals against him, it could be that Cuomo is eying a spot in the Biden regime, possibly as national gun czar, a nightmare scenario for the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners.

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