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Daily Rant: Voting In America is for Americans.

by Graham Allen Team

The New York Times recently had a SHOCKING opinion piece written which argued that voting in America was for more than just American citizens…

You’re as shocked as I am.

I mean, if you don’t have to be an American citizen to vote why aren’t the two year olds voting!?!

The “official title” of this “guest essay” is LITERALLY “There is No Good Reason You Should Have To Be A Citizen To Vote.”

Well, “guest essay author,” let me give you one: YOU AREN’T LEGALLY AMERICAN.

That’s just for starters, in fact, this would make our elections SO DANGEROUS because non-citizens could vote which makes foreign interference EVEN WORSE in our election.

There are PLENTY of good reasons why you have to be a U.S. Citizen to vote but the New York Times may not even think so because when I looked for it on twitter it was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

That’s right. They wouldn’t even post it because it’s completely IDIOTIC.

I get that it’s a “guest essay” and the title is just trying to get clicks but it doesn’t matter. THAT is misinformation.

Because of that article you’re literally going to have purple-haired college kids BELIEVING that you shouldn’t have to be a member of the United States to vote.

That’s simply what citizenship is all about.

It’s a membership to our country, and just like ANY OTHER membership you have to pay your dues and CONTRIBUTE and go through the process like EVERYONE ELSE.

If I’m not a member of the YMCA can I go workout there? NO, because I’m not a member.

All in all this is just one of those snow-flake “we have to include everything and everyone” ideas that should NEVER have been thought of.

Shame on the New York Times for even publishing it….

Here’s a tweet of the article itself:

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