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Floridians Team Up In True American Fashion And Send Personal Boats To Help Cubans Who Suffer Under Communism

by Graham Allen Team

Floridians are using their own personal boats to send food and other supplies to the anti-communism protesters in Cuba according to a CBS affiliate in Miami.

On Monday, a pack of boaters left for Cuba to bring food, water and medicine to the Cuban protesters.

“We are just bringing supplies. They are trying to create a group to take on water, food, medicine, whatever we can to take a Cuba,” Dennis Suayero said. “We are just waiting for the approval so we can enter and give it to them.”

The U.S. Coast Guard is warning the boaters to not attempt the trip however they don’t seem to care.

“As a humanitarian organization with a core mission of protecting lives at-sea, we echo the message of many U.S. leaders in the support of the Cuban people exercising their fundamental right of freedom of expression and assembly, but also remind anyone considering a migrant voyage to not take to the sea,” the Coast Guard said on Monday. “The transit is dangerous and unforgiving as nearly 20 lives were tragically lost in recent weeks as a result of these dangerous voyages.”

The Daily Wire reports:

The improvised aid runs come as the Cuban government is reportedly violently cracking down on massive democracy demonstrations. Protesters flooded Cuban streets over the weekend calling for an end to the island’s oppressive communist regime. The government has responded by “arresting, beating, and killing” protesters, according to reports.

Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel has threatened protesters to return to their homes and end all pro-democracy demonstrations. Reports said that the president is setting up a “civil war” in the country between the protesters and the regime’s supporters.

“The order to fight has been given – into the street, revolutionaries!” Diaz-Canal said on Sunday. “We are calling on all the revolutionaries in the country, all the Communists, to hit the streets wherever there is an effort to produce these provocations.”

“We are not going to hand over the sovereignty or the independence of the people,” he said. “There are many revolutionaries in this country who are willing to give our lives, we are willing to do anything, and we will be in the streets fighting.”

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