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Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean Claims Trump Supporters Will “Pay With Their Lives”

by Graham Allen Team

The establishment’s war on supporters of former President Donald J. Trump is rapidly spinning out of control with the increasingly strident rhetoric from Democrats and the media increasingly putting their safety in danger.

On Monday, the Biden regime took their battle with vaccine holdouts to an entirely new level by twisting the arms of telecommunications companies to monitor and censor SMS text messages for any deviation from the one-party D.C. dictatorship’s official line on the vaccines as a renewed push for mass vaccinations takes shape.

The regime and its media partners also made it clear that they will now be calling out those who don’t obey Biden and Dr. Fauci by getting “the jab”.

As a result, during a discussion on Tuesday’s edition of “The Beat” on MSNBC, former DNC chairman Howard Dean likened Trump to cult leader Jim Jones and ominously predicted that his supporters will “pay with their lives” for not falling in line.


The former Vermont governor said of Trump supporters; “They are not being vaxxed. In southern Missouri, which is a conservative part of the state and a conservative part of the country, you have the death rate going up hugely.” He said, “The highest increase in death rates have been in places like Mississippi and Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri that is where people believe this. This has become a cult. There is rationality behind this. It is a cult based on anger, fear and ignorance.”

He then compared the former and perhaps future POTUS to Jones, a man who was once celebrated by the San Francisco liberal cultural and political elite until he relocated this People’s Temple to Jonestown in Guyana and led them into a mass suicide in 1978.

According to Dean; “These guys are not interested in serving the country. This is like Jim Jones in Guyana. It really is. Trump is Jim Jones. 900 of his followers died, some of whom did not go willingly, but he mesmerized them. Trump has got these people mesmerized. That is principally because these are ineffective people. They’ve lost their own agency. They have given up their own hope.”

Then for good measure, he played the Hitler card; “So they did what the German’s did in the depression. They put their faith in somebody who turned out to be a mad man. Trump has a lot of deficits. He is lazy, he is not very smart, but he is incredibly skilled at exploiting discomfort and anger. That’s what he’s doing. Just as the Germans did, people are going to pay for this with their lives, and they already are.”

Once a contender for the Democrat nomination back in 2004, Dean was riding high until his screaming like a lunatic during a campaign rally made it clear that it wouldn’t be a wise idea to entrust him with the nuclear launch codes.

Having already labeled tens of millions of Americans as domestic extremists, insurrectionists, and terrorists after the January 6th Capitol protests, the Biden regime has crafted a dangerous new set of domestic terrorism laws that will weaponize the federal government intelligence and law enforcement apparatus against those with the “wrong” political loyalties.

The next phase is to blame Trump supporters and other red-state conservatives for the spreading of COVID, specifically the mysterious Delta variant that miraculously appeared at exactly the time when most of the country was beginning to return to some form of normalcy.

What’s next for the Democrats? Calling for the ethnic cleansing of red-state conservatives?

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